Be My Valentino

The name Valentino is synonymous with both vintage and on trend designs so it’s no surprise to see multiple celebrities wearing the same piece, sparking all those infamous “who wore it best” write ups. Well, what if two celebrities aren’t wearing the same designer piece, but the same designer print?? I’ll tell you what–you have a dialogue about Blake Lively and Shailene Woodley, who were both recently spotted in a statement-making Valentino butterfly print:



As you can see Blake is rocking the print on her chic trench while Shailene opts for a long sleeve fit and (slight) flare dress. The darker hues used in the print elevate the design past the ethereal delicate nature of the butterfly, giving edge to something otherwise light and soft. Because the print isn’t large in scale there is a greater sense of balance achieved, making it less obnoxious; in fact it is quite chic and on trend as far as butterflies go.

It was actually a tough call as to who wore the print best for me. I love the fitted waist the belt gave to Blake’s trench, and the collar have added structural appeal. However, I love the cut of Shailene’s dress, and the fact that she opted for long sleeves, as I feel short/no sleeves would have lowered the chic factor on this one. Although the sunglasses on top of Shai’s head left much to be desired the deciding vote on this one came down to the shoes. Blake stepped out in some iridescent Christian Loubotin booties, while Shailene sported a pair of perfectly pink pumps. In the end I ultimately felt that Blake’s shoes were gave the vibe of a muddied glitter, weighing down the overall look, while Shai’s brighter pink pumps provided a lovely contrast and brought that much more life to her look. So, although they are two of my most fave style inspirations/icons, this battle royale goes to Shailene.

Do you guys agree or disagree?!?



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