Blake Lively: Gucci This, Gucci That

imageI can’t even talk about my planned post for yesterday, well, maybe just a little to put things in context. I was finishing up adding images and typing the the end of my Met Gala post. Out of nowhere everything I was working on for a couple of hours just disappeared!! I thought, oh no at least auto save has my back yo. Yeah, no. This would of course be the one time nothing was backed up. I wanted to scream, I wanted to cry; my resting bitch face was no longer so dormant. So, I decided to step back from that particular post; I just got back from vacation number one so I didn’t want to drive myself completely insane, despite my OCD trying its damnedest to  coerce me into a rewrite. Step back I did, but when I saw this photo of Blake Lively I thought, well this will do nicely for an interim post, so let’s discuss shall we.


Blake stepped out at Macy’s Herald Square this past Tuesday for Gucci’s “Chime for Change” campaign celebration, wearing none other than, you guessed it…Gucci. Although quite different than her Met Gala dress the evening before, Blake looked as stunning and fashion-forward as ever in this long sleeved, thigh grazing blue dress. The dress received great interest and visual appeal with its black collar and jeweled bib. Her makeup seemed to draw focus to her eyes that had a jeweled essence of their own. Her loosely coiffed side braid gave a free-spirited vibe to the otherwise fairly modest and chic look. Her studded Louboutins gave added edge and the visible panel-esque stitching gave her a more architectural silhouette. I love how Blake’s style always lends itself to thoughts of her Gossip Girl days, and it’s totally obvious why she is girl crush worthy. Expect to see her in a lot more Gucci this year, XOXO.


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