Sharp and Clean.

Sharp and Clean.

As a makeup artist I am forever cleaning brushes (or my assistant is in case that lovely creature is reading this), and making sure that my kit meets the highest standards of sanitation. While I am certainly not neglectful of my professional set up, my personal makeup table looks like a hot mess. I try to organize, but perhaps my whirling dervish of a vanity is just the controller chaos I need in my life. To the point…I think a lot of us tend to neglect cleaning our makeup pencil sharpeners on the regular!
Now, if you are in the industry you already know to clean and sanitize after every use, but when it comes to your personal sharpener you can be a little more lax if that’s your vibe. According to Rebecca Restrepo, global makeup artist for Elizabeth Arden, suggests these steps for weekly and monthly cleaning:
WEEKLY: First, empty the shavings, then, dip a cotton swab into a solution of isopropyl alcohol (which acts as a disinfectant) and work it all around both the inside compartment and the sharpener blade.
MONTHLY: Sanitize by wiping the sharpener down thoroughly with a cosmetic sanitizer wipe (Restrepo recommends Beauty So Clean wipes). These cosmetic wipes are designed to kill harmful bacteria like E. coli and Staphylococcus, so get to cleaning, bitches. (“Bitches” was merely for emphasis, and it just felt right).
Of course your makeup sharpener will have a relatively long shelf life. I mean we’re talking like a year or more, guys. But here’s your common sense PSA: if it comes in contact with any kind of infection (eye, lip, whatever) throw that little guy, and any contaminated cosmetics, away and start anew.
Makes sense right?!! Right.


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