Fall in Love With…

Fall in Love With...

I’d like to say Oh, hey motivational Monday, but since it’s Friday…yeah, about that. I either woke up in a better mood than usual or this venti quad (QUAD) iced caramel macchiato is starting to have it’s way with me. I’m feeling inspired today more so than usual, not so much to organize the mountains of clothes I have piled up in multiple rooms of the house, but inspired none the less. Maybe it’s the prospect of the upcoming holiday weekend, maybe it’s the idea of having cheese fries for dinner; your guess is good as mine.
I saw this little quote and thought, perfect. I always find my interests to be all over the place, I become fascinated easily and I like to be surrounded by things that make me happy. So I would say (here comes the message of this message) to take this to heart and love as many things as possible, let them inspire you and let them give you hope; let then be your green light (if you get the green light reference we just became best friends). Don’t put limits on yourself when it comes to being successful or creating your niche in life (do things by the book though guys, no one likes a cheater!). Encourage others to love, create and inspire. Now…back to those cheese fries.


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