Kate Hudson for Ann Taylor

Kate Hudson for Ann Taylor

It’s no secret that Kate Hudson is a woman of great style; pulling off multiple genres of looks quite effortlessly. We also know that the LBD (Little Black Dress, in case that abbreviation was lost on you for whatever reason) is a timeless piece which can be accessorized and suited to fit any occasion. That all being said, what could be a better collaboration than one between Kate and Ann Taylor–a collection of 5 LBDs (the Kate LBD collection, officially speaking) at modest price points, sure to be show stoppers. If Kate would wear ’em, then why shouldn’t we?! Kate recently said she still has a bunch of her clothes from back in the 7th grade. If her style back then was just as on point then I’d rock her whole middle school wardrobe too. But seriously…

Head over to http://www.anntaylor.com to see the collection in its entirety and get inspired.
I am loving all the wonderful celebrity campaigns popping up with some of my favorite brands, so if you also have a fave or two, share in the comments. XO.




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