Diaz in Dior.

Diaz in Dior.

Not much creativity in the title, I know; and yes, this is the second post on Cameron Diaz in like 2 weeks time. I love when celebrities go on their promotional tours for their new films because you really get a chance to see where their fashion mindsets are. Cameron has been killing it on the red carpet, and the minute I saw her in this Dior dress at the Amsterdam premier of “The Other Woman”, I knew I had to share for discussion.
Diaz is no stranger to Dior, as she is often seen in the elite designer’s pieces. Seeing her wear Dior outside of the realm of gowns was a sheer delight. Speaking, of sheer, how much does the sheer overlay elevate the concept of the LBD?? Often times the little black dress is just cookie cutter from the one before it, but I think this one really ups the game. The half sleeve, partnered with the above knee length is absolutely fabulous, and I love how the sheer overlay actually gives the illusion of a sheer hemline. Of course Cam’s legs look fabulous as always, and I really haven’t seen a shorter dress not do her justice in that regard.
Her signature blonde locks and red lips may be a bit commonplace for her as far as the overall look goes, but after all it is “signature” to her for a reason, and it works effortlessly with this look.
The embellished ankle strap on her black Manolo Blahniks is added interest as they draw the eye downward from her hem, further emphasizing her legs. At age 41 Cameron is back on top of her game, pulling out all the stops as if it were second nature; who knows, maybe it is.


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