Lucy Hale: Keep ’em Separated

I have noticed as of lately that matching separates are trending more than ever, amongst Hollywood A-listers and local trendsetters. I have yet to find the perfect set I can pull off, but I am continually impressed watching others. Out of everyone I’ve had my eye on lately, I would have to say that Lucy Hale has topped my list of favorites. Take a look at this Tibi ensemble she recently wore to the 2014 PaleyFest:

     I adore Lucy Hale’s style, and Lucy in general (PLL is my jam). This pale blue looks great against her complexion and perfectly coifed ombre hair. Her flawless makeup and coordinating pedi make this look all the more perfect. I really like the open back design of the crop top paired with the cocktail length of the circle skirt, it brings a whole other element of class to the crop top trend. The lines of black in both the back and waist of the skirt give just enough definition, while letting the pale color be the star. Delicate stitching in patterns and a nice textured illusion, and Lucy’s strappy black heels keep the look elegant, but edgy; which is often how you will see Lucy on the red carpet. She is definitely a style icon, I could pretty much post about her everyday and not run short of inspiration. There is a reason why Pretty Little Liars was once named the most stylish cast on television, and with Lucy on board how could it not be?


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