Jennifer Lopez: Idol Image

Well, I do love to give credit where credit is due. And normally I’m indifferent at best to Jennifer Lopez. I don’t watch American Idol anymore; in fact, the last time I did was probably the season Carrie Underwood was on. The lady can dance and she looks damn good doing it. Like I said, credit where credit is due. Last week my homies in the Louisiana based band, Royal Teeth, were performing on the Idol Top 10 Results show, so, naturally I tuned in to watch. Well, J.Lo totally knocked my socks off in her bold Rachel Zoe dress and jacket. The gold metallic and black leopard-print-esqu pattern was so super gorgeous, I had total closet envy. Then, I saw the pastel turquoise dress she was rocking just the day before with a perfectly messy side braid. To put it simply, the girl had a good week.

jlo2 jlo1

To say that J.Lo’s Rachel Zoe pieces make a bold statement is almost an understatement. This look is so sexy and ultra glam I only wish I had the legs to pull it off!! Definite closet envy. Paired with the black Giuseppe Zanotti heels and Marina B jewelry, this is amazing. And can I just say how impressed I am with Rachel Zoe’s line?! Her design aesthetic is remarkable and beautiful, not that I would expect anything less.
Can we please talk more about this chic and on trend seafoam SAFiYAA dress with gazar insets. This is a perfect example of how pastels should be done. Paired with the embellished Jimmy Choos and messy side braid, I am in love. I’m in love. I am now on a mission to find this dress’s twin, or at least cousin. Congratulations on you greatly styled week J.Lo, congratulations to you. I expect to see more of the same!!


and P.S…if you have yet to hear of Royal Teeth you are truly missing out and need to head on over to iTunes where you can purchase their full length EP, We Can Glow. I have had the privilege to see these guys live a few times, as well as hang out with them before a couple of shows. And let me tell you, they put on one of the most energetic, lively shows of any band I have seen. And they are all amazing, nice, down to earth people; they’re rad. They are going places fast, so do yourself a favor and jump on the RT bandwagon now. Click below to watch their video for their first single, “Wild” (the song they performed on Idol).


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