Inspiration Share.

I am inspired by so much around me that it almost isn’t fair to be asked to come up with just 10 images that represent my inspirational “mind map” so to speak. That is, however, exactly what I was asked to do for a recent assignment for an online art history type course I am taking through CalArts. It was, as I earlier eluded, quite difficult to scour those endless images only to produce a collage of 10, but I figured by sharing what I came up with I could further give insight to others as to why I am fascinated by things I am fascinated with, and why I sometime write about the things I choose to write about. So, if you are in fact curious, even mildly so, then keep reading!


The actual assignment called for me to include a brief description of each image, highlighting what about it I found inspiring. Instead of doing that here, I’d rather just include the collage on it’s own. I already know what I find inspiring and personal about each image, but maybe you see something in it I don’t see, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Just a fun little project embedded with meaning.

Do something inspired/inspiring today!!



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