PLL: Season 4 Finale

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     I had several other posts ready to go up at any given time, but how can I not talk about tonight’s Season 4 finale of Pretty Little Liars?! Disclaimer: this may or may not be a spoiler, so be advised if you have yet to watch the finale. Then again, if you haven’t already watched it, then that is most likely your own fault 😉 All day I had been waiting to plant myself in front of the tv to see this oh-so-anticipated #AliTellsAll episode. So many questions over the past seasons, so many plot twists to wrap my brain around, so many A candidates to choose from…it can be a bit maddening, I must admit, but love it I do.

Where to even start??!!

*So, Mona knew all along Ali was alive, but how creepy was she in her lair with the doll. “Soooo prettyyy”. Yikes. But I stand by my belief that Mona’s fixation does not qualify her enough to actually be the one and only A.
* Sigh of relief that Spenser is innocent of killing anyone. I figured she was innocent, but you never know where a strategically placed plot twist will take you….Wait, why was Toby in London?? Not just to see Melissa….Wait, If Ravenswood was canceled then will Caleb return to Rosewood….Wait. They don’t love you like I love you. Wait. Maaaaaaaps, Maaaaaaaps, Maaaaaaps, Maaaaaaaps, Wait. ((Did you get that musical reference?? Yes? No? I am typing with such schoolgirl fervor I cannot help myself!!)).

*Speaking of Melissa…What. In. The World. was she whispering into Papa Hastings ear. It looked like whatever she said was new information to Mr. Hastings, and if Melissa knew all along who killed “the other girl” then why is she waiting until now to say something.
*From Papa Hastings to Mrs. D…Whoa. Whoa. WHOA!! Burying Ali?? That was quite a shocker I will admit (PS: we’ve sure seen a lot of that yellow shirt of Ali’s). And how foreshadowing that it was Ali’s mom being buried in the end. Who was burying her??!! We really need to now discuss the A theory…

*Ali is obvi in New York with the Liars (we will sooooo get to Ezra in a moment). Whoever was in the black hoodie wielding a gun, presumably A, eluded exposure yet again. Since “black hoodie” was in NY, they weren’t the one putting Mrs. D. six feet under. HERE IS MY “A” THEORY: Like in the book, Ali is a twin. I am totally on board with the Twin theory…I think it pretty much has to happen. I believe it was Ali’s twin burying Ms. D, I mean, there was no blonde hair flowing about that black hoodie, and given that there was some roof jumping going on, if the twin was in NY, she had a power scrunchie up in there. I think that Jason is in on it all too. I think he is “black hoodie”…that would make sense of his involvement since Mr. Hastings and Ms. D had that whole mutual “understanding” thing going on. Ali’s mom was quoted as saying “What have you done” as she was burying Ali…I think that comment was aimed at whichever sibling knocked Ali over the head with the rock. Seems like a viable theory to me.

PLEASE let’s discuss Ezra. You wait all day to figure out just what all Ali is telling just to watch Ezra get shot by black hoodie?!! What the what!! As soon as he was back to the audience talking about the beautiful skyline, I knew he was about to fall. Do I think he is dead?? No, I don’t. But when Aria cries we all cry. That seen was more riveting and powerful to me than the burying of Ms. D. I do believe Ezra truly truly loves Aria, and I think they are one of those “power couples” that overcome each and every obstacle thrown at them, no matter how absurd. (sidenote: did Aria ever find out about Jake’s little gym accident??). Ezra also stated he knew who “black hoodie” was, so they can not just off him for sake of eliminating someone who knows the secret of all secrets. But we all knew Ali was original Red Coat, right ( I loved the subtle flash of the red coat as Ali is getting into the car to leave town in the flashback).

What else am I forgetting????????????
I am so overwhelmed in thinking right now. No joke. And P.S. ABC Family, your little coded season 5 sneak peek was of no useful information!!!

I am really curious to know everyone else’s thoughts and theories!! Please share!!

BREAKING NEWS: As I was typing this there was a Twitter blast that Caleb will be back next season. So there ya go. The most minor mystery has been solved.



One thought on “PLL: Season 4 Finale

  1. julialoufab says:

    Toby left when her parents found out she was taking drugs again, but I’m not exactly sure why he went to London. Anyway, I loved hearing your opinion of the finale! Please check out my article on it!

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