HSN: Match Your Moisturizer to Your Skin

HSN: Match Your Moisturizer to Your Skin

I was excited when HSN’s Jackie Samoraj asked me to look at a blog by beauty author Lara Ramos and contribute any of my favorite tips and tricks to the piece. Lara really did a wonderful job mapping out great ways to match your moisturizer to your skin type. Click the link above to read Lara’s spot on thoughts and recommendations and then continue reading here for some supplementary information…I’ll wait while you go check it out…

Our skin changes with the season, so why shouldn’t our skin care regimen?? I hate the way my skin is super dry in the winter and it can be hard to find the right product that suits you best. I finally found that I am an Origins girl through and through (their VitaZing is my jam!), but an impulse buy at the drugstore the other day has allowed me to stumble upon another little gem: Garnier’s Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-Cream for Dry Skin. I love the way the gel formula goes on silky and smooth, without feeling greasy or heavy. I often find that moisturizing lotions, even though they may work, leave a greasy after feel that is less than desirable.

For oily and Combination skin I always opt for something water based, versus oil based. How do you know the difference? Look at the ingredients. If the first listed ingredient is water then you know it’s a water based formula.

Are you prone to Acne?? I have found that a majority of clients, friends and family have seen great results with ProActiv. It’s almost a little clichΓ© to recommend its use, but it works!! They have a great green tea gel that complements the system, and can be used even if you aren’t dealing with breakout issues.

Lara recommended a moisturizer with SPF to help fight wrinkles, but I say never skimp on the SPF, especially if you will be outside. These days most lotions and cosmetics contain some small amount of sunscreen, but if you feel you need more, put on more. You can even mix sunscreen into your moisturizer of choice if you need to. As someone who has had melanoma skin cancer, this is not something to take lightly, so you do yourself a favor now so you don’t pay for it in the long run. That being said, avoiding over exposure in the sun and tanning beds is an absolutely amazing way to maintain the youthful glow of your skin.

How about application??
My number one method of application is using the tools that God gave me…my fingers. It’s a fast way to get the job done, and the warmth of your fingers help to work product into your skin.
But, if you have oily skin I would recommend using a soft makeup wedge. They are closer in consistency to your fingers than say a makeup brush, and you don’t have to risk the natural oils in your fingers exacerbating your already oily complexion.
When do you apply??
Well, I recommend in the morning, after cleansing and before applying your makeup, and then again in the evening after you’ve removed your makeup and are headed to bed.

But do you want to know the number one moisturizer on the planet?!!!!! I’ll let you in on the not-so-secret secret…WATER. Yes, good ol H2O is essential to all of life and it’s functions therein. Skin is our largest organ, so if you are drinking water all day everyday then you are good to go. Maybe not ALLLL day, because you really would be going, but the recommended amount +1 will keep everything nourished and give your skin that natural glow we all want.

Are you on the market for the perfect moisturizer for you?? Well, here’s a really good place to start: http://www.hsn.com/shop/skin-care/bs0011

Until next time lovelies, take care of the skin your in!!


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