Call it “Vintage”: a Note about the Blog.


I’ve only been using WordPress for a couple of days now. Once upon a time I was merely rambling about beauty related things on BlogSpot, and to be honest, not much effort, albeit good intention I had, was put into the heart of the content. Photos were hard to post because of this, that and the other thing, and time, quite frankly, got away from me completely. So, while I have chosen to import all of my BlogSpot posts onto this site, I kindly ask for you to consider all posts from 2011-2013 as “vintage”. I would like to think, that in the stereotypical-but-also-true way, that my content will improve with the new year of 2014. I hope that I would also improve as a person, but I still also feel the need to continually explain myself to people, or to justify the decisions that I make. I owe no such explanation to anyone, and sometimes I feel like I need to come up with some explanation to give myself at times, but I would like to clarify some things I do suppose.

I was an English major. I say it all the time. Please, no one misconstrue that as me “name dropping” my degree/education; most of the time I say it with this subtle sarcasm that is part of my personality. If you know me you know this, but still. More often than not I state my English background to convince myself that I am better off for it, and I am. I am always finding ways to use it. My education is not a loss, it was an investment, it is a foundation for everything new I set upon to do. I am proud of my degree, and even during my less than proud career moments I know I’ve done what I’ve always set out to do…well, for the most part.

Do I love grammar?? Good grammar yes. Love is also a strong word. I also like to play around with punctuation, capitalization and syntax. Yes, I know better, but yes, I am human and I do make grammatical mistakes. I judge myself for said mistakes when I catch them or they are pointed out to me. But if you tawk lyke dis doe…well, we probably aren’t friends anyway. (Hashtag) You can’t sit with us.

I’ve also noticed that I am often called a “hot mess”, which I think is due to the fact that I’m all over the place at any given time. I am not an unkempt person, I am a person who doesn’t always know the best way to focus my energy or time. Believe you me, in my head there is a lot of highly organized and detailed flow chart of life, it just doesn’t always come out of my mouth the way it probably should. I mean, I almost started this post of with “Happy Monday”, but being that it is Tuesday I promptly corrected myself. It’s been a slow work-work day so I came home to just work. Really I have been mulling over things to come up with a good bean soup recipe since I bought a bunch of random varieties of beans at Trader Joes. Where that led was to me dumping a bunch of stuff into my crock pot (my multi-colored chevron crock pot, thank you Target) and hoping for the best. We’ll see how that turns out in a few hours when I serve it to the PR (Permanent Roommate if you’re new to me, new to the blog). I figured I would throw it over some grilled polenta and it would be some kind of warm bean stew-soup befitting of this random cold day (we did see snowflakes earlier, as fleeting as they were). Cut to an image of me now typing this in the warmest lounge clothes I could wrangle out of a pile on my bedroom floor (I really don’t want to put them away), typing this, wishingย I had a Starbucks cinnamon dolce, and contemplating a nap.

XO, J.
(or as my nickname has now spread to the general public, Zac) <3.


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