Mila Kunis: Bourbon Girl


Mila Kunis. A household name since she sky rocketed to the A-list as Jackie on That 70’s Show (sn: can you even believe that’s a nick at nite show now?!). And those who love her (who doesn’t?!) also can’t get enough of the fact that she and Ashton are together. And if we’re being totally honest, she was admittedly the best thing about the movie Ted, “Thunder Buddies” song aside. She really cannot do any wrong, in the same way that Jennifer Lawrence can do no wrong. She is the girl that girls want to be best friends with and guys want to date. Seems pretty perfect as far as Hollywood goes. Well, ladies and gentlemen, as if Ms. Kunis couldn’t get any better she is now Jim Beam’s first ever global brand ambassador. A bourbon ambassador. Yes, you read that correctly and can now raise your glass (of bourbon, of course) to this oh so rad woman.

Guys, if you thought it was hot when girls got into football, or muscle cars, or actually getting up to make you a sandwich, then prepared to be wowed, and even comparably jealous, of Mila’s knowledge of all things bourbon and Beam related. As a Kentucky-born girl relocated to the East Coast, I’ve got quite the admiration for the libations that Jim Beam keeps putting out (hello, Knobb Creek). To see Mila interact with Fred Noe, Jim Beam’s great-grandson and brand ambassador, on the Kentucky bourbon plantation is something pretty special, and heart warming. Southern Hospitality is alive and well, and it shows. Hats off to Mr. Noe for keeping the 1795-founded company ever thriving and evolving, while keeping the family aspect of it all in the forefront (head over to and check out some footage of Kunis and Noe). And don’t be fooled; Mila is not just a pretty face pushing alcohol, she really has developed a partnership with the brand and has a highly regarded opinion with the campaign.


Mila and Frank Noe

And if there was any doubt or question in your mind, Mila does fancy herself a nice bourbon-whiskey cocktail; the whiskey sour to be exact. I’ll have to admit, I am jealous of her bourbon partnership more so than her acting career and celebrity beau. Women in positions of power are nothing new to our society, but to see all these opportunities available that have not always been is revolutionary, and, to me, quite awe inspiring. And if it was not clear before I am not looking at her as President Party Girl or anything like that. It’s not about the alcohol, it’s about brand longevity and success; what it takes to be innovative; what it takes to inspire; what it takes to leave your mark. So, as Jim Beam would say, “Make History responsibly”.

Now go forth and be a part of something new, and be a part of something you love.



J <3.

** For a more in-depth interview with Mila about her new found partnership, and some other more celebrity-centered musings, head over to, they recently posted an interview with Mila.**


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