Ipsy: January 2014

Subscription beauty boxes seem to be all the rage right now. Everyone is seemingly anxious to get their hands on the latest and greatest in beauty and health and I am no exception to that. I was a Birchbox subscriber for upwards of 18 months and loved getting my box every month. Sadly, last month I cancelled my subscription with them (things were just getting a little redundant with them for me, not to say there weren’t some gems over the months!). I caught on to Ipsy shortly before I cancelled Birchbox. Their reviews seemed really good, the products I’ve seen looked amazing and instead of coming in a little box ( and I did love those boxes, what crafts!!) they arrive in cute little “glam bag” (yes, a reusable little makeup-esque bag) instead cute mailing packaging.

Furthermore, Ipsy costs just the same as BB ($10/month). As soon as I got my first glam bag (which I was highly satisfied with) I logged on to the website and saw reviews from other subscribers. It was the general opinion that this bag wasn’t  up to par with past bags. Being that I pretty much loved this bag I have tremendous hope for awesome things to come from future bags. So basically I’m saying, so far so good!!
Here’s what I received this month:

*Mojito Lip Balm by Malin + Goetz
This lip balm is scientifically balanced to restore and replenish your lips. It’s basically a lip gel that helps with daily maintenance, prevention and treatment of dry or irritated lips. It contains all natural ingredients and sensitive skin technology. In fact, all of their products (which you can view on their site, www.malinandgoetz.com) are based on the sensitive skin technology, the owners knowing themselves what it is like to suffer from a variety of skin issues. Everything is color free and paraben free, which is always a plus when it comes to skin especially. Using a small amount of the mojito lip balm gives an instant relief with a little bit of shine, where as using a more generous amount creates a glossy look, perfect for layering over lipstick! My husband and I both tried this and it truly does leave your lips feeling amaze!! A full size balm costs about $12.00, which is totally worth it when you look at the science behind the product and the story behind Malin + Goetz.

*Liquid Foundation by Yabby
I haven’t tried any of the Yabby cosmetics so I was excited that this was included in my bag (and in my shade!!). It’s said to give an “unbelievably natural” finish with a super smoothe texture. It is an oil free formula and the ingredient cyclomethicone is great for oily and/or sensitive skin. They claim that the foundation mimics skin’s natural sheen to create flawless skin. Now, I have been experiencing with lots of different foundations, tinted moisturizers and BB creams as of lately (my skin is being a little unpredictable with this crazy east coast weather), and having tried this formula by Yabby I would have to say that it is on the top of my list. I liked the look of my skin after application and since a little goes a long way you can build your coverage, blend well and it’s ultimately cost effective. A full size will run you about $14, which is quite comparable, if not more affordable, with other popular foundation choices. Check out www.yabycosmetics.com for more details and products.

*the POREfessional by Benefit
Being no stranger to Benefit and it’s amazing line of products, this was certainly a pleasant surprise. I’m sure most of you have heard of the POREfessional by now, or at least seen it while skimming through a magazine. If you aren’t familiar let me fill you in: this is a pro balm used to minimize the appearance of pores. It quickly minimizes the appearance of pores and fine lines to create smooth skin (sort of in the way a primer would even the skin’s surface). It can be applied under or over your makeup (I definitely prefer under). It’s translucent in color, oil free, and complements ALL skin types. It also contains a Vitamin E derivative that protects skin from free radicals. Full size will be about $30, but I consider it to be worth the value, especially if you’re dealing with visible pores. Check out Benefit at your local prestige cosmetics store, or online at www.benefitcosmetics.com

*Makeup Cleansing Towelettes by Absolute!
Like the subscription says, these are makeup cleansing towelettes. They carry the usual promise of clean, fresh feeling skin and so on and so forth. I did not get too excited about these to be honest. The scent of the ones I received were pomegranate; but to me it smelled just like flavored vodka when opening the package!! It removed all of my makeup just fine but I did not feel like my face was refreshed, it actually felt a little sticky to the touch. I’m a fan of wipes by LA Fresh, Say Yes To…, and even Maybelline Express.

*Balm Me Up Organic Sweet Cocoa & Tangy Body Balm by Balanced Guru
This body butter by Balanced Guru is meant to balance dry skin. It moisturizes without leaving a greasy feel and it smells absolutely lovely. It’s great even for the elbows, knees and feet too. All ingredients are USDA certified organic and also contains essentials such as Cocoa Butter, Babassu Oil, Shea Butter, Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Lime Essential Oil, and Mandarin Essential Oil. This particular balm costs $30, but a lot of their other products are more modestly price. One thing I specifically love though is that this line is Cruelty Free and that makes me super happy. If you want to learn more about Balanced Guru and their line of products go to: www.balancedguru.com

I can’t wait to see what Ipsy has in store for February! It’s my birth month so hopefully the beauty gods will smile upon me 😉
It feels good to sit in bed, on the NEW laptop, typing and planning blogs and etc. I post a lot of beauty related topics, which was my original purpose in creating this blog, but I have lately been debating posting more personal stories about the adventures and obstacles both myself and the PR have been dealing with. I am just very cautious about my little personal bubble I suppose, although it does always feel good to vent, so to speak. I guess what I am ultimately getting at is that I don’t want anyone thinking I’m shallow or materialistic, because if you knew me you would know I am far from any of those things. Just remember, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle”, and isn’t that the God’s honest truth.



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