Review: Lucky Tiger Liquid Cream Shave

2014…let’s start this off with a review of a product my husband came across and loves. Yes, fellas, this one is for you: Lucky Tiger Liquid Cream Shave. This product is a modern take on classic shaving cream as it goes on smooth like lotion but the creates a lather as you begin working it in. You are able to achieve a close shave all while nourishing the skin and preventing that awful razor burn. It contains a combination of natural botanicals including chamomile (to calm and soothe skin while replenishing dry areas), Olive Fruit oil to protect and lubricate the skin and allow for a close shave), Calendula (to cool, heal and soothe the skin while rejuvenating, softening and brightening the skin’s surface), Β and Borage oil (to help skin retain it’s moisture).

Here’s what the husband thinks about his Lucky Tiger:
“I really like that I can get a close shave without razor bumps, it’s the only one I’ve really found that does that. I also like that the razor actually glides along the skin and doesn’t get caught on your whiskers, pulling them. It smells pretty good too. A little bit goes a long way. My skin feels nice and moisturizer after using it and sometimes I don’t even have to use after shave.”

Well, the man has spoken. I count on him for these reviews because I know he will give straightforward honest answers; he is kind of picky and definitely is keen to his likes and dislikes when it comes to grooming/hygiene products.
You can visit to view their entire collection and pick up your own (or pick up your man) Liquid Cream Shave, it’s about $18.50 for the full size bottle, and the husband agrees it is worth it!!!

If you have any products you want the man’s opinion on just comment below!!
Hope 2014 is proving to be so far so good for all. Let’s be all about the love this year.


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