Birchbox: Beauty Buzz

October came and went in some sort of crazy flash of a whirlwind. Halloween (I was both Spider”man” and a Vampire Victim….oooh fun) and celebrated my 6th Wedding anniversary with the PR (traditional Melting Pot dinner). So I guess you could say I had a lot going on festively speaking. Technologically speaking, the internet to the house doesn’t work still, despite buying new net gear equipment, and I still can’t figure out how to navigate my new iPhone to upload pictures to my blog posts. ::sigh:: I did just have a random OCD burst to clean closets and sort through clothes though. Random midnight action. Oh yes.
So October was a mediocre box, at least mine was. I think I was slightly more excited about the PR’s Birchbox Man box, which I keep asking him to give me more reviews on. This box is supposed to contain some of 2013’s best, trendiest, stuff. Well then, there’s a slight chance I got the wrong box. I do love my BB, and there was one little gem inside, but sorry Birchbox, sticky lip gloss is not a trend I’m aware of or want to be a part of.
Let’s discuss…
*Joie Folle de Joie perfume mini…The thing I love about those little mini perfume sample bottles is there cute to collect in a little drawer on your vanity to allow you to mix up your scents every now and then. So, basically they are adorable and serve a purpose. We all have our signature, go-to fragrance but if something new smells good it smells good. This fragrance from Joie is a blend of mandarin, rose and sandalwood and it’s actually quite lovely. Full size is $98, so pricey from my standpoint.

*Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser…I wish I didn’t have to download Google+ to be able to upload photos to my posts, because these Liz Earle products are the gem of the box I was referring to previously. I’ll make sure to do a review post that contains pictures, I pretty much have to!! Anyway, this is a UK brand cleanser that uses a 2-step process to purify and exfoliate. This one was a Birchbox exclusive, side note. You massage the cleanser into the skin and use a muslin cloth to wipe off in small circles. Full size is $21.50.

*Liz Earle Pure Muslin Cloth…these go with the aforementioned cleanser^^. These pure muslin cloths are meant to take the place of harsher exfoliators. They basically polish your skin in a gentle way, with a little warm water. $6 will get you 2 cloths.

*Miss Jessie’s Original Creme de la Creme Conditioner…I feel like I’ve seen/heard of this stuff before now. Target maybe?? I know I’m usually kind of a hair product snob but I feel like I could use this one! Ever since I did the whole ombre thing to my hair, then less than a month later reverted back to my darker hair color, well my hair has felt sad & dry you could say. It’s supposed to be really nourishing for color treated, dry hair so hopefully it will help me out. You can also use it as a leave-in treatment. So, earlier when I referred to the box as mediocre, bear in mind it’s going off of my personal first impression of products…just thought I’d throw that little bit in there,

*POP Beauty Aqua Lacquer…Another British brand. I do love me some Brits but I do not love me some of this lip gloss :/ It’s a sheer gloss (mine has a red hue) that plumps and hydrates with jojoba oil. It also looks like a squeeze tube but contains a little paddle/wand applicator like most other glosses. Well, that’s all good and well, but the lip gloss is sooooooo sticky, almost uncomfortably so. A sticky lip gloss just irks me and I immediately wanted to wipe it off after applying. Do that was indeed a bit of a let down.

*Birchbox Find: Chapstick Hydration Lock…This was an extra in my box this month (perhaps to make up for the POP gloss?!?!) This new lip moisturizer from Chapstick has a “breakthrough” 8 hour moisture technology. It doubles as a lip primer and contains antioxidants like CoQ10 and Vitamin E to defend against damage. The “flavor ” I got was vanilla Creme, FYI. I have not used this yet because I’ve been absolutely in love with my Vaseline Rosy Lips, but I really hope it lives up to the hype it’s now been given!!

Thank you to everyone who does read my blog, and thank you further for your patience while I try to be more legit about this whole blogging thing. If you do read, or even if you just stumbled upon this page, please subscribe so you don’t miss out!! I do have my act together every now and then 😉
As it is now November, make sure to remember to count your blessings and be thankful for all you’ve been provided for in this life, even when things seem less than ideal. Just like anyone else I’ve had and have my setbacks, but I remain hopeful, and faithful, that I will get to where I need to be with my little family.
J <3.


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