Birchbox: Heritage

October eve…and the time I have deemed for my September Birchbox post. I love Autumn weather and I’m always anxious to see what products I’ll find and love. I always seem to put in much more effort outwardly than any other season. That being said, this box has things off to a good start.

*amika Blow Up Spray…a lightweight must that adds lift and shine for a polished blowout. This can be used on damp hair before you blow dry or lightly on dry hair for a light hold. I work at a blow dry bar so I’m particular about what I use. I prefer, as far as blow dry sprays go, the 450 spray by Sexy Hair. It is perfect for taming frizz and getting the perfect amount of polish and shine. I thought this spray by amika was a little heavy oil-wise, so it really needs to be used sparingly. I also feel like it didn’t give a lot of lift as it claims to. It’s $24 for the full size bottle, so Sexy Hair is still a better deal!!

*Caudalie Make-up Remover Cleansing Water…I love a good makeup remover, I use them everyday!! This remover isn’t a wipe though. You soak a cotton pad/ball and apply it wherever you need to take your makeup off. It contains botanicals to soothe the skin do it’s really gentle, yet effective enough to remove mascara gently.

*Coastal Scents eye shadow…I think at this point we have all used, or at least heard of Coastal Scents. They have affordable palettes and the colors are really buildable and blendable. Plus, coupled with the right base you get great pay out and longevity. They sent me 4 mini colors that are great for fall (sn: I still don’t know how to get pictures from my iPhone to the blog without using Google+)

*Ruffian Nail Lacquer in the color Hedge Fund… This was my first run in with Ruffian and I love it. The bottles are so cute and unique (please Google !!). I got a really pretty metallic green color (Hedge Fund). Ruffian is actually a fashion label and this polish is from their first lacquer line. Full size is $10…so more expensive than Essie and OPI but cheaper than, say, Butter.

*Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Skin Cream… I love my Origins so now I’m starting to be a little bit of a skin care snob, even more so since the melanoma. This cream is supposedly sworn by celebrities and health professionals for its all natural properties. It is marketed to moisturize, fight wrinkles and treats burns and bruises. So, in theory it seems pretty spectacular, and I think I’ll do more research and maybe give it a try to see if it is as all purpose as it says.

Everyone gets a slightly different Birchbox each month so if you get one and want to share, leave a link or comment below. I hope everyone is enjoying this Autumn weather even though some days have been quite hot!!

J ❤


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