Review: Ernest Supplies Cooling Shave Cream

The permanent roommate (aka my husband) decided finally to offer me feedback on a product from one of his Birchbox Man boxes!! This product came from his August box: Cooling Shave Cream by Ernest Supplies. It’s a low-lathering formula that protects the skin with jojoba and macadamia oils, then cools the skin with menthol. I asked my P.R. to give me his thoughts on the product so I could put a little posty post together, and here’s what he had to say…

“I shave every other day and I have dry skin sometimes because I have to work to get a close shave. I also get a lot of razor burn and bumps. I liked that this shaving cream still let me see the hair on my face so I could get a nicer, cleaner shave. My skin looked and felt smooth after using it, and looked and felt really healthy too. I also liked that the oils in the shave cream smelled really good, so that was nice. I would use this more often if it cost less”.

So there you have the man’s opinion and it looks like this product is a winner!! The full size is $25 so it is a little pricy compared to stuff you find at Walgreens and Target. But if your man is like mine, or you are a man like mine, then the price is worth it to not have to buy extra bump creams and aftershave and moisturizers I suppose.

Look for more PR Reviews, because I’m going to force them out of him, haha. Hope everyone is off to a great start this week, and look for my August Birchbox post soon!!

J ❤
(& J!!)


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