The Royal Baby.

I have been pretty exciteable, shall we say, over the birth of the Royal Baby pretty much since Kate’s pregnancy was announced. If you know me, or follow my business page on Facebook, then you know I try to stay on top of my Royal news and kept everyone updated, whether they wanted to be or not, on the Royal Bump/Baby watch. So the day before yesterday when my royal baby app ((yes, of course there is an app) went a buzzing with news that Kate gave birth to the new Prince of Cambridge (4:24pm London time, 8lbs 6oz) I was markedly smitten and we all began the loose countdown until Kate & Will would appear on the steps of the Lindo wing of St. Mary’s debuting their son (whose name will be announced later).
I was watching E! for a good portion of yesterday afternoon since they were live streaming the event and I’m not going to lie, I was slightly emotional when Kate walked out holding that precious little baby. If you didn’t have baby fever before, you surely do now!!
Sidenote: typing a blog post from your cell phone in the middle of a thunderstorm does not help upload all my Royal Baby photos!! I’m quite sure we have all seen them by now, they’re pretty unavoidable.
Anyway, the moment that Kate appeared carrying that baby, Will at her side, I was glued. She looked so beautiful and happy. I was surprised that they held a little impromptu press conference but it was refreshing to see them outside the royal light as just new parents. Kate’s polka dot Jenny Packham dress was perfection, as was she and Will both wearing pale blue in honor of the new prince. Then when Will put the baby in his own car and actually drove it himself, I thought that was super presh!!
Everyone continued to speculate when we would hear the baby’s name. Charles and Diana waited a week to announce William’s name and Elizabeth and Philip waited a month to debut Charles’s name, so I was surprised when we all learned this morning that the baby was named George Alexander Louis, which I find to be quite a regal name. A lot of people were of course quick to offer their opinion of the name, and I don’t want to get all historical but the name is quite significant!!
So, I think we all are beginning to see the hype wind down, which I find to be a bummer because it was nice to have good news in the headlines. I will, however, remain a royal family follower. There are just a few more things I wanted to add to my royal baby write up: Kate went through natural childbirth as planned (and I haven’t come across a source saying otherwise as of now), which I find to be quite admirable. I haven’t given birth yet so I can’t speak from experience, but this certainly speaks as to part of why she is my role model. Also Kate has been buying several nursing gowns/dresses pointing at the likelihood that yes, she is breastfeeding baby George. Of course she is! She’s amazing!! Seriously though, it’s really lovely to see her already being such a hands-on mom, especially when you look into the history of children born into the monarchy.
News stands are going to be plastered with all of this this weekend, so you know I’ll be all about that!! Call me a nerd for the things I fan girl over, but I can’t help what I’m drawn too, haha. I’ve always been highly interested in British royalty, all through college and now, so my love of the royals, Kate in particular, is actually pretty fitting. I could go on and on, but I really did try to condense this post for my own sanity over attention to details. If you actually haven’t seen the royal baby pictures so far released, they are on my business Facebook page (pretty and clever by Jacqueline Clark) and on my Instagram (jacquelinecxo).

Hope everyone is having a lovely week thus far!!
J <3.


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