Review: Khroma Beauty, Kim’s Kardazzle palette

I was rather excited months back when news hit of the Kardashian’s make up line, Khroma Beauty!! Like them or not, the girls always have flawless faces. I also figured that they wouldn’t put their names on products that would make them look bad. Kim Kardashian’s makeup is of my most requested looks as a makeup artist, so I picked up the Khroma Kim’s Kardazzle palette to check it out.

     The palette is smaller in comparison to say ones by Urban Decay, I would compare it more to the size of a pack of cigarettes (sn: I do not smoke!!). Kim is known for her edgy smokey eye and precision contouring and highlighting. So, as you can see, the palette contains 8 shadows suitable for creating more dramatic looks. The pull out compartment additionally contains a blush shade, and shades for highlighting and contouring/bronzing. Below I have swatched all shades in the palette for you to see. Note: each shade was swatched with one swipe of the finger in natural light, no filters.
I was immediately drawn to the last 2 shades on the top row of shadows, as well as the
middle 2 on the bottom. I also really liked the highlighting shade. The more gray matte colors I felt were so matte they came across as looking dull. The blush was okay for a soft sweep of color, but the bronze shade did not feel very pigmented to me, which I was a little surprised about given that this is Kim’s palette.
     Well, I’ve worn a few of these shadows on occasion since I’ve had the palette, but today I did a full on eye look (just realized I lost the picture from my phone, laaaame!), using all the darker shades I mentioned before as being drawn to. I used potion primer as my base and topped everything off with a setting spray. 10 hours later everything was still in place and just as pigmented. That is definitely aces in my book!!
     Overall I would say that if you are looking for better quality makeup that doesn’t come at a prestige line price, then Khroma is a great choice. I do wish all shades had amazing payout color wise, but the shadow is buildable and blends nicely. The price is affordable and you can find the line at Ulta. I can’t wait to try their mascaras, since I am a proclaimed Lash addict. Another added bonus, at least for me anyway, is the packaging. It’s well designed and a lot of thought was put into visual appeal, which I do appreciate.
Have you tried any of the Khroma line?? If you have I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!!
Hope everyone had a safe and fun Fourth of July weekend, and make sure to follow me on Twitter for expert makeup, fashion and hair tips, as well as my random musings. I’m also on Instagram: jacquelinecxo.
J <3.

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