Review: Victoria’s Secret Hold Please Volume Shine Hairspray.

    Every now and then I come across a product that I, sadly, just don’t like. I’m not a fan of writing bad reviews anyway,its more so of a let down when the product comes from a company I otherwise adore!! Today I’m reviewing the Hold Please Volume Shine Hairspray from Victoria’s Secret.
     I have actually had this hairspray on hand for several months, using it on and off when my favorite sprays were not accessible for whatever reason. I’ll put it out there now, I am a hairspray junkie!! Now on the front of the bottle it says “Get bedroom romp hair, extreme body and lift”…well, we shall see about that!!
*brilliant shine
*incredible volume
*superior flexible hold
*anti-humidity complex
*UV protectant
*My hair didn’t look at all shiny!! Even when
I used just a little bit of the product my color seemed more dull if anything!! If the greasy feel was meant to appear as shine then someone in product development sure missed the mark.
*Incredible volume. Oh, I laugh. Yes, my hair did have amazing volume…before I used the hairspray. The minute the spray made contact with my hair it weighed it down, thus flattening out all of the volume I had achieved prior.
*I didn’t experience any great hold with this product. My hair actually had a “mushy”, almost “gummy” sort of feel to it…not exactly the feel of bombshell hair. So, i guess in regards to being humidity resistant it was okay at best. I mean, it was so mushed down that a little bit of humidity just might have helped things out.
*Now, I can’t really speak to the UV protectant nature of this hairspray, but any product offering a UV protecting agent automatically gets at least one gold star from me.
     So, as you can see, my review for this product wasn’t so hot. Did I get that bedroom romp ready hair?? No. Nor would i want anyone  I was climbing into bed with to touch my hair with this hairspray in it. Did I get the extreme body and lift as promised?? Again, as you read, no I didn’t. So sorry VS!! I am otherwise quite smitten with you and all the other beauty products you retail!! My hair just didn’t have that VS angel runway hair look.
J <3.

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