Review: Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo.

This is the time of year when dry shampoo is a must have for me. In the summer, especially, I like to go as long as I can without washing my hair, so I need a good dry shampoo to keep everything looking fresh until I really get in there with shampoo and conditioner. I still don’t get why some people think they have to wash their hair everyday; in fact, sometimes doing so can actually work against your hair, depriving it of natural oils because you are constantly shampooing. That being said, I’ve tried several different dry shampoos over time, both salon and drugstore, and the Not Your Mother’s brand is the closest drugstore one I’ve found to be comparable to salon quality brands. Actually, it’s my favorite right now of all brands.
If you are not familiar with how dry shampoo works, you spray it on your roots and basically all throughout your hair. It will show up white on your hair (like a powder) and as your brush it through the white color dissipates as it absorbs any excess oils. Now, I have dark hair so I really have to brush thoroughly so my hair isn’t left looking gray!! BUT, with the NYM brand I don’t have to go so hardcore working it through because there isn’t a gray cast like with others. It does leave a matte finish to your hair, so I always make sure to follow up with with a hairspray that adds shine, after I’ve finished styling.
    I paid under $6 for mine at CVS, so it’s definitely an affordable product.
    It not only smells refreshing, but it gives my hair a refreshed look and feel between washes.
   Like other dry shampoo products I’ve tried, this one doesn’t leave my hair looking gray after combing the
   product through.
    After you’ve used the dry shampoo you can go on and style your hair as your would normally.
Like any review I have to throw in the “cons”…
    This may not even be a con to everyone, but I should mention again that this does leave a light matte finish
    to your hair. I like shine to my hair, so that’s why I always follow up with hairspray that also has a shine
     Like with any product, overuse can have a downside. If you are really pushing it and constantly using the
     dry shampoo when it probably is time to go ahead and wash it, then you’ll start to notice your hair
     looking a little greasy, especially on top. At this point, Wash your hair!!
Hope this little review was helpful/informational/what have you…If you have any review suggestions or have opinions on this or other dry shampoos comment below!!
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