Birchbox: March Madness

How does time always seem to get away from me. Granted, I have been busier than usual, but sometimes I don’t even know how I lose track of things the way I do!! I was trying to pull up the pictures from this month’s box that I took when I was taking my first impression photos, but the program I use to upload pictures from my cell phone is not cooperating, thus no photos shall be attached. Sad face, especially since there was an eye shadow I swatched and some fairly cool packaging. So, if you truly are interested in something mentioned just think of lack of photo as more of an incentive to actually go and check out the product for yourself. This month’s theme was March Madness (an all too common theme for this month as I’m sure you know), and it’s supposed to feature products from “veteran all-star” brands and some from “up-and-coming rookie” brands. Without further adieu let’s discuss the contents:

*MAKE Eyeshadow… This is a new brand, and one I have not heard of until receiving this box. Supposedly this shadow has mega staying power. Now, when I swatched this shade (mine was a really pretty chocolaty brown) it dusted right off. So, that being said, I’m hoping that with aid of a good eye primer, which is essential regardless of what shadow you are using in my book, that it at least has some longevity to it. Something super rad about this particular line (MAKE) is that 1/3 of all sales are donated to charity. I, personally, adore a company that gives back, so gold star to MAKE right away for that. Full-sized eyeshadow runs at about $18, so it’s right along the price point of MAC or Urban Decay.
*MAKE Face Primer Broad Spectrum SPF 30… this primer by MAKE is a winner.One, who doesn’t love a good primer?! Two, it contains SPF 30, and I love my face products to have right around that level. The primer itself is not greasy, it is fairly lightweight. The full size is around $30, so it is definitely worth checking out, especially considering 1/3 of that 30 dollars would be going to charity!!
*Nick Chavez Beverly Hills Color-Saver Sulfate-Free Shampoo… So, I’m assuming most have heard of Nick Chavez, especially if you are in the industry or have interest in; Nick is definitely a veteran player here. I always feel “mehh” when it comes to talking about different shampoos and conditioners I’m given opportunity to try, mainly because I’m picky about my hair care to a point, as I know I’ve said time and again. This is a sulfate free shampoo, which of course is one of the key things I look for in a good color shampoo. If you didn’t know, sulfates are what strip your hair!! This shampoo also claims to boost the hue of your color and add volume. Now, from what I’ve seen out of most volumizing shampoos is that they tend to dry out your hair a little bit. (Too much moisture plugged in weighs the hair down and doesn’t allow it to achieve super volume). I’m actually curious to see if a shampoo that in my mind could be drying, could also brighten your color. I’m very interested in the science behind things (take note of future posts to come), so perhaps I shall make a note to give this a try to see how it all balances out. The volumizing properties are supposed to come from the apple and lemon extracts in the shampoo, so that too makes me curious.
Whish Shave Crave Shaving Cream… never heard of this line either!! This is an organic shea butter-based foam-free shaving cream. Claims to allow for a close shave and soft skin, and has a blueberry scent. Immediately this called to mind the eos shave cream, so I have a feeling they are justifiably similar. A Full size is $20, which for shave cream seems like a little much, right?! eos is way more affordable, but since I was given a trial I will add it to my growing collection of bathroom toiletries.
Madewell for Birchbox Emery Board… these are always good to have on hand! It has a cute print on it that is from Madewell’s Spring Collection, and you can pick up one of these guys for like $5.

There you have it guys! Now that summer is around the corner (I have a feeling here in VA we are going to skip over Spring and jump straight into the Summer months…I mean, yesterday was the first day of Spring yet today it is snowing) I am curious to see what new products will be coming out, especially with regards to skin care. I did get all my samples in my box this month and last month’s little snafoo has been handled greatly by customer service over at Birchbox. The only mild let down I had with this box is that some people got Benetint in their box, the lucky dogs!! Hope everyone is having a great week so far, and here’s to warmer weather!!


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