Birchbox: Best Year Ever & Updates.

Happy 6 weeks old to my sweet little nephew!!! January is flying by, oh my goodness. I feel like there is oh so much to do and hardly the time to do it…and let’s face it, I don’t foresee giving up nap time when it does become available 😉 I’m glad to be back in the studio working on different shoots, and I was able to work with a new photographer last weekend. I’m looking forward to building my portfolio and also have a few part time “job” jobs potentially lined up…it’s all about marketing yourself I suppose. I am also in the process of revamping my kit and incorporating a few new product lines for client use…it’s taking some time though, so somedays I feel like I should stick a big “under construction” sign on my train case. Keeping with the updating things, the husband and I have been slowly, but surely, redecorating the house and it seems to be coming together. Right now I’m a little obsessed with finding the right couch throw pillows…it’s like a legit mission…and when I do find some I like, the hubs doesn’t…and it always reminds me of the year we got in a fight in the middle of Target over which Christmas wrapping paper to get…it was like war in the seasonal section. We truly do fight over the most dumb things…never money, vacations, etc etc…throw pillows and wrapping paper…and each other’s shoe purchases. Change is big for us this year too, we have some exciting things in the works, and the hubs starts his new job very soon, so naturally I am quite proud of my permanent roommate.

Onto January’s Birchbox, titled “Best Year Ever”, and here is hoping for just that!!

Box Contents
*Aerie Shimmer Fragrance… A blend of bergamot, peony and vanilla.
*Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre 24-hour Miracle Cream… Now, I love discovering new, great skin care lines/products, but I must admit that the word “embryo” in Embryolisse was a tad bit off-putting, maybe it’s just me…This is a french brand (supposedly a favorite of models and makeup artists…we will see about that!). It is a moisturizer that heals dryness and leaves skin primed for foundation. Now, I have talked to a few makeup artist friends/colleagues who have said they have of recent been using a BB cream instead of a silicone based primer. I haven’t tried this yet, although I did have the intention of doing so. A good primer can be pricey…I prefer the line by Smashbox and those by Victoria Secret. I do love a good BB cream, and of course something in that category by Garnier or L’Oreal would be a much more affordable alternative to a primer if your skin does respond effectively to it. So, if this moisturizer can act as a primer as it claims, it is only $16 for a full size product, which falls at the middle point, monetarily speaking, between a primer and BB cream. (for the most part anyway). I shall put this product in my “To try” box.
*Number 4 Clarifying Shampoo… I always say this, so excuse any comment that may be broken record-esque…I am always skeptical about new shampoos and conditioners…this is a clarifying shampoo by the brand Number 4, which I was not familiar with until receiving this sample product. It has a “low-suds” formula that removes any buildup without stripping hair of essential oils. It’s $32 for a full-size bottle, so, even without trying it, right now I say “mehh”.
*theBalm cosmetics Hot Mama… Yesss…I love theBalm cosmetics…they make some of my favorite products so I was pretty excited to get this little gem. This is a 2-in-1 blush/highlighter. It is a really pretty pigment with a subtle golden shimmer. I’ve swatched it below, but believe me, the swatch does not do it justice!! And a full-size is only $20, which is a great price for the product quality…check out their website for sure.

*Deborah Lippmann the Stripper to Go… This was a scented nail polish remover mitt (finger sized mitt) that was supposed to have a sweet scent and make changing your polish super easy. Notice my use of the past tense “was”??…yeah, I tried this out, and for the Deborah Lippman brand I was surprisingly disappointed. The package label said it was equipped with enough of the solution to remove polish from 10 nails, I think I got through 6 nails when there was no hope for attempting the other 4 with this mitt contraption. I was actually trying to take of the polish in the picture above, light gray and one accent blue nail (OPI’s French Quarter for Your Thoughts and Dating a Royal…two faves!!). So, I had to hunt down a bottle of acetone and finish them up. Also, there was no sweet smell that I could detect; just your everyday finger nail polish remover smell. I much prefer the little container of remover that you just stick your finger in and twist…I’ll be sticking with that. Sorry DL.

I hope everyone is having a great week thus far!! If you had a different content list for your January BB share below, or let me know if you have any fave products similar to those mentioned above!!


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