Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2012.

I wanted to do a fun post, with fun pictures…so I thought, what better way to do that than to recap what I thought about this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show!! Last year I recapped my Top 10 moments, but this year I was so enthralled with the whimsical couture of the pieces I just want to take another look at my top 15…yes, 15, I couldn’t narrow it down to 10. This year’s show (which aired last week) was amazing as expected. The staging, the models hair and makeup and the lingerie creations…incredible. They always put on an impressive show!! So, here’s a look at my top 15!!

Shupei’s Pink Ball outfit…this leopard number just looks cute and cozy!!
Bregje…I love the look of the coat with petticoats, and the pop of yellow with the bra sets it all off.
Miranda Kerr’s circus outfit just looked so glam and regal, those red shoes are amaze and her hair looked extra flawless.
Magdalena’s turquoise-blue was so pretty. I love the matching wings and all the bling.
Alessandra wore the multi-million dollar fantasy bra by London Jeweler’s in the Angels in Bloom theme. Of course she looked bombshell!!
I love the delicate feel of this look Constance is wearing, and hellooo, turquoise angel wings?!?! Amaze. Love.
Izabel wearing this tribal-esque piece looked gorg!! I love all the jeweled accents and the caged heels rocked.
Candice rocked the show this year, she was my favorite I think. I just love this whole pairing, the 2-piece set, the subtle wings and the boots and head piece in similar color.
Candice again, looking dynamite in the lilac wings, and I love how beautiful and simple her lingerie is.
Erinh looked super hot in the thigh highs paired with this lacy look. And her wings totally reminded me of a Britney Spear’s circus-esque vibe, which was totally appropriate since this came out during the Circus theme.
Adriana Lima…I have loved her for so long!! She was incredible as the show opener (Circus theme). She makes an oh-so-badass, yet glam, ringmaster.
Lindsaye looked beautiful in this bridal inspired piece during the Calendar Girls theme. Everything was spot on.
Bregje in the feathers…yes! I love the whimsy and soft colors of this…totally cute!!
I almost put this look Miranda wore at number 1, but changed my mind…I love everything from the outfit to the styling. The lacy details with the black accents are so stunning, and those wings just look amazing!!
LOOOOOVE!! I adore the wings, and all the sparkly accents. I especially love the piecing together of the lingerie. Very glamorous and very hott!!

So, those were my favorites!! Agree, disagree?? There were so many amazing looks!! I wish I could get my hands on a pair of those wings!! So, Victoria’s Secret, if you perhaps stumble upon this post I am oh so willingly taking prop donations!! How cool would it be to do makeup/hair for this show…omg…I do mostly boudoir and hair makeup right now anyway, I just need to climb the ladder up a little more and get my but backstage!! Then those wings are definitely mine 😉
J <3.

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