12-12-12 and Birchbox: Give.

I will not be so cliche as to remind everyone via facebook, twitter and blog of what today’s date is, but it does hold a specialness for me since my nephew was born at 8:39am!! He was the first baby to be born at the hospital today, on this date which everyone is aware of, so he is even getting a little bit of media attention!! So, as I sit here, under the weather and waiting for my husband to get out of the shower so I can go see the new addition (no worries, not contagious), I thought, let me just blog it up. I totally lost last month’s Birchbox, or so I thought (I found it a little bit ago, tucked away), so that’s why I never did my typical review. So, yeah, no review or rundown from November’s box, and December’s box should be here anyday.
There were a few cool things in the November box, from brands such as Stila, Masqueology and MCMC, so the products can all be seen and purchased from birchbox.com. I layed out one of the Masqueology under eye masques to hopefully try out a little bit later.
Quick Makeupartist confession: I know you’re supposed to wash your face before bed every night, and take your makeup off, and all that jazz, but I don’t do it everynight, charge me as guilty, I cannot lie. So, masques and skin repair serums are only helpful buddies, especially when I’m feeling as blahh as I do right now.
I am not a big holiday enthusiast, as the past 2 years have made me so. It’s always kind of a kick in the ass for the new year to roll in, which is because we lost my dad on 1-1-11. So, as much as the I believe in the message of the holidays, my spirit is a tad lackluster, which I pray can endure a change. Maybe I do need some holiday cheer sent my way. Hey, I’m no scrooge, I did not fight the putting-up-of-the-tree this year, and there are wreaths on every window.
But that’s just a little update from the corner of my world. I heard the tell-tale click of the bathroom door that signals my husband will soon be ready to venture out. More to come…Be safe all!!
J <3.


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