Being Thankful.

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekends and that Thanksgiving was a fabulous time of family and friends. I’m sure we all saw those who were on Facebook posting their daily “thankful fors”. I chose not to do this, however, I am just as thankful a person as the next. I have perhaps been more reflective than usual the pass several days, as I tend to be from time to time. I just wanted to, on the record, reflect on some of the things and people I am thankful for…

  • My family…I think this one is always at the top of most people’s lists, and it is no exception for me. I don’t know what I would do without my own excitable crew (bonus points if you caught the 311 reference). Whether it be uphill, downhill, or on a steady plateau, within this group are the people that are my support, my rock if you will. Whether they are here in the physical or spiritual, for them I am truly thankful.
  • My husband…My life’s center lies with this man, he has my heart. He drives me crazy. But he is one man I never want to disappoint, he means so much to me. My built in best friend, my lover, my sparring partner, my legal boyfriend, my partner in crime, my permanent roommate…call him what you will, he wears many hats. I can’t wait to experience parenthood with this man!
  • My mom… she truly is a one woman show and I’m definitely proud of her for many reasons. I don’t think there are the perfect words to say or actions to do to say thank you to her.
  • My sister…my best friend and the one who knows every wrong button to push at every worst possible time. My secret keeper, ass kicker, smart mouthed, strong willed sister. I am thankful that she has given me my 4 year old niece, and just as thankful that in a matter of weeks she will be bringing my nephew into this world.
  • Friends… I always sort of disliked the saying “you find out who your friends are” but it really couldn’t be more true. It’s a hard path going down, learning who will be there for you when it counts and who just fits in at leisure and convenience, but for the friends that I have, and my husband has we are thankful. Whether they are here locally or off in other places like NV or CO…these are the people that make you want to be that much better, and that much cooler, of a person.
  • Memories…memories are what make us, what shape us. I am especially thankful for the memories I have of my father, may he never be forgotten for he is surely never missed). I know all memories account for the people we are today, but for me, personally, I like to hold on to the good ones just a little bit tighter.
  • My Freedom and my Faith…I am thankful that we live in a country (regardless of where your vote lies politically) that we are free and can openly exercise that freedom. Is it perfect? Not typically, but we are a free people. I am thankful for our troops, active and veteran. I am thankful that because of the freedom we posses I can openly express my faith and beliefs. I am thankful for God’s love, although mysterious it may be. I am a Christian, and I am unashamed about it.
  • Health and Insurance…for the most part my family and I are healthy. Stumbling blocks, yes, but thank God we have health insurance.
  • The Little Things…these are different for everyone, but mine include a good book, a trip to Starbucks, new shoes, clean sheets and a good pillow, good music, good art, beach days, a new tattoo, a cupcake to cheat on your diet, forehead kisses, kindness, and so many more.
  • Music and Laughter…good music and a good laugh are soul stirring and can definitely change and elevate your mood. I am thankful these things exist in society.

There are so many other things I am beyond thankful for (having a car, a house, an amazing job where I have creative control), so if I gloss over anything it is not for lack of being thankful, it is for lack of typing slower! I do feel like I may have missed something…kind of like giving an Oscars acceptance speech and leaving someone out of your thank yous (not that I’m accepting an Oscar, have accepted one, or any other award…maybe one daaaaay). I hope you all acknowledge what you are thankful for, not just because it is the season to do so, but because it’s important to know that there really is always something to be thankful for.


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