Review: L’Oreal Infallible Stars Collection-Beyonce Red.

This Halloween my niece was going out as the Queen of Hearts (and sn: she had the most amazing tutu costume, made by yours truly). So, I was putting a little bit of makeup on her and went to grab a red lipstick to complete the look. I had picked up the Beyonce red by the L’Oreal Infallible line. If you haven’t seen what the lipstick casing looks like, its pretty cool actually:

Outer case.


tubes pop out of the case and there’s a handy little wand!

This particular lipstick is advertised as a 16 hour long-wear color that won’t fade or flake. It comes with a conditioning top coat (the white tube), which contains marine collagen and vitamin E to seal in color and prevent moisture loss. Then there’s the base coat, the color tube, which has the little wand for precise application. L’Oreal notes something called “Science behind the Beauty” which includes lip gripping polymers with elasticity that form a flexible color network that moves with your lips so that the color doesn’t flake, cake or crack.

But does it work?!! My answer…YES. I put it on my niece at 5pm, didn’t take it off of her before bedtime, and at 7am it was still on her, flawless. I didn’t even use the top coat on her! I think it would have lasted even longer, but we had to scrub it off with makeup remover so she could go to school! Now, the key to long lasting color is also having moisturized lips. So, make sure you aren’t applying color to dry, chapped lips, as you might not achieve optimal results. And the Beyonce red is such a pretty color, I swatched it:

a beautiful, intense red!

Isn’t that red gorgeous! It is so long wearing that when I went to wipe off the swatch color I had to literally scrub my hand, and as I’m looking, there is still some residue left behind.
The application of this line of infallible, the stars collection, goes on so smooth and the pigment is true to the color as it appears in the tube. There are 5 others in the collection besides Beyonce Red: Diane’s Tuberose, Kate’s Plum, Andie’s Rose, Linda’s Beige and Eva’s Caramel.
I only wish I would have picked up some of the other shades when I purchased the Beyonce on sale at Walgreens.
I, personally, love the L’Oreal infallible lipsticks, and this particular collection has also proven to be equally rad!



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