It’s a love story, baby just say yes.

7 years ago today my husband proposed to me under a gazebo at one of our favorite little beach spots (which has since been built up for tourism purposes). When I recount the day for others I always talk about how my husband called me an “ass” during our proposal. Yes, an “ass”!! But, it is actually a wonderfully cherished part of the proposal that we laugh at everytime we talk about it. And since not a lot of people know much more than that he called me such, I wanted to make a post about the proposal so everything can be put into context.
We had been dating for 6 months and decided to get each other a little gift to mark the occasion. It was a little chilly out, I mean it was October, but we went down to the beach to sit and exchange gifts. Now, in my heart of hearts I knew he was going to propose, not necessarily on this day, but I knew it was coming because I knew he had asked my dad for my hand (chivalry is not dead ladies!). So, we spent a little bit hanging out at the gazebo, enjoying the view and what not. He gave me a really beautiful card and I thought that was that. The air was getting cooler so as we got up to leave he just turned to me and said “You didn’t read my poem you ass!”. I had no clue what he was talking about, I thought he just meant I didn’t read the card and what he had wrote in it, so I explained to him that I had read it and proceeded to read it out loud to him. He was still unsatisfied, and said he didn’t mean that, he meant his poem. The card was composed of layers of transparent paper, a thicker paper, and a card stock like paper. One of the papers was adhered down to the cardstock base of the card (for decoration), and I noticed it was peeling up on the edges. He said he wrote his poem under that. I was confused as to why he would disassemble a greeting card to write me a poem, but I peeled back the edges and it said “Will you marry me?”…I was floored. So when I looked up at him, I actually had to look down because he was on his knee, hand shaking, holding a ring box. I of course immediately said yes!!
We left the beach and I called my mom and my best friend and we headed to the hospital (where my dad was since he just had surgery) and I showed off that ring!! So, that’s the brief story of how I was called an ass during my marriage proposal…hey, who’s to define a fairytale.


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