Birchbox: The September Issue. (and thoughts).

My September Birchbox came in the mail today, AND I’m posting about it today!! Never have I ever been more on time. Or maybe punctuality is just a part of this “new me” people always seem to be rambling about (not rambling about me, just the concept of “new me” in general). But I do believe that I am at the moment where change is seeming inevitable. For instance, I have always lusted after long, beautiful hair; I’ve worn extensions for years, but what did I do today?? Cut it off…a short, yet amazing bob done by one of my favorite stylists, whom I happen to work with now. People were skeptical as to whether I would do it or not, as I have been talking for months about growing my hair out. I used to cut it whenever my husband and I were fighting, as if to say, haha, I’ll show YOU by cutting MY hair. Well, my husband and I were working through a challenge in our lives, but I don’t feel that’s why I made this decision. A lot of people say “it’s only hair”, but to me it’s always been more. I’ve always felt like I couldn’t be happy unless I had those ideal long locks…it was as if I was seeking perfection and solace in something so material. But, when that thing that once seemed so perfect begins to feel imperfect, it’s time for change. So maybe hair length isn’t at the top of everyone’s list of happy life qualifiers. But in the world of Jersey Shore trending, and the like, it somehow fell into being mine. I am going to embrace this change though, as there are others I am endeavoring to make. The husband has yet to see this haircut, but the guilt of doing it without telling him (not that I need his consent, just the priciple of it all) prompted be to go buy several bottles of new OPI and Essie nail polish and a new Sam Villa round brush…little treasures.
I have also been slightly obsessed with home modification lately…organizing, painting, remodeling, updating…all that jazz. Oh, there’s so much to be said of this and my thought process, I’m a therapist’s dream (just ask her, ha). It’s been said it could be nesting (no, I am not currently pregnant, but a baby is in the cards I can say), and part could be said that I am finally trying to cleanse in some sort of way in dealing with the passing of my father on January 1, 2011. Cathartic?? Who knows…A fit lifestyle is also happening with me and the husband…calorie counting, smart eating choices, limited sugar intake, fitness regimines, dare I  throw the word(s) crossfit in the mix…It’s like I’m 27 and ready, just ready.
Enough of that, sometimes things just need to be said, regardless of whether another soul reads or not. But about this Birchbox…this oh so punctual Birchbox!! It’s titled “The September Issue” and it’s basically a kickoff to Fall fashion and such. New season calls for an updated beauty routine, an updated look…changing seasons…change…it all comes full circle, huh? So without further rant and delay, let’s discuss:

* Benefit Cosmetics foamingly clean facial wash + refined finish facial polish …I’ve been looking for some new skin care products, particularly a good wash, so I am really excited to try this one out. (Benefit products are pretty amazing!). This duo is a glycerin-packed cleanser and natural clay exfoliator. The full size version is only $21.22, which isn’t too shabby for a good quality cleanser/exfoliator.
* Color Club nail polish …this is a custom color collaborated on with the Birchbox team, inspired by Fall 2012 collections. The color I received was called “Status Update”, but I couldn’t help but notice the spelling error on the color name label, “Status Udpate”…ooops!! The color is a warm purple-blue-gray based shade, which I see looking good on a pedicure.
*Nexxus Pro-Mend Split End Treatment System …we’ve all come across these little shampoo/conditioner/treatment packs…I have a copious amount of them. It’s supposed to mend split ends, which professionally speaking, is not really feasible using product alone, so will these samples get used?? Possibly. I always keep them when I get them to give to others or pack for travel.
* twistband Birchbox Custom Lace Hair Tie …a hair tie, imagine that…the day I cut my hair I get a really cool hair tie! haha. These are actually really hot this season. They are little elastic-y bands (pic above…bottom center…the purple tie), constructed in such a way they don’t snag or pull your hair. I believe Jennifer Aniston gave these ties some good press, and we’ve also started retailing these ties and headbands in the salon where I work.
*Youngblood Mineral Primer …Youngblood is a brand I came across while I was in cosmetology school, and from a makeup artist’s standpoint I regret to say that I was not impressed with the pigmentation of the eyeshadows/blushes, or the coverage of the mineral foundations. Granted, we did not carry the entire brand line, and when looking through the catalog there were some products I saw I wouldn’t mind trying if given the opportunity, and this primer falls into that category. It’s a clear gel primer containing skin-soothing vitamins and minerals…pretty self-explanatory as far as face primers go, but I will try this one out!
*Mighty Leaf Tea Company tea …who doesn’t love a nice cup of tea, especially in the Fall/Winter season?! I got chamomile citrus and green tea tropical as my samples (love green tea!). This tea line is made from natural, ethically sources ingredients. Visit for more details!!!
*Digital Download …these pop up frequently in the boxes, and this is a download for Tristan Prettyman’s newest single.
The September Issue, there you have it!! Make sure to check out if you haven’t already, to get details on all the products and subscription information.
J <3.

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