Snow White and the Huntsman: Top Ten

I knew today had the potential to be a difficult day…father’s day. This is the second father’s day without my dad, and I woke up this morning so sad, and so angry that I let it affect my mood and the mood of others all day. The words of Miranda Lambert’s “Over You” rang through my head like a record on repeat…”You went away, how dare you, I miss you…” And I do, everyday miss my father who unexpectedly passed away on New Years Day 2011. I still somedays wonder if I even have begun to let myself except it…but I don’t think I’m necessarily in any particular hurry to answer that question. So this morning I opted for one of my favorite distractions…the cinema. The husband and I went and saw “Snow White and the Huntsman” and I was so enchanted with this film I wanted to do a little top ten blog post about it…

    1. The Hair..more specifically, all of the braids and details! Maybe it’s just the stylist part of me shining through but I had an eye on everyone’s hair…from Ravenna’s elaborate work to the smallest of braids tucked into Snow’s battle ponytail. And braids are totally hot right now, right. Valentino’s ads feature some great ones, Katniss’s ponytails on the Hunger Games, Daenarys on Game of Thrones and pretty much every other hair pin in pinterest….love love love.
    2. The 3 Drops…I love how this rendition of Snow White incorporated the three drops of blood full circle…The Queen sees the 3 red droplets on the snow covered ground and is then pregnant with Snow White, Ravenna’s mother spills 3 droplets which give Ravenna beauty as her power, only to be undone by fair blood…Ravenna spills three droplets onto Snow when she is slain…I just thought it was really cool.
Muir, to the right of the Huntsman
    1. Muir…Muir is one of the dwarfs…and don’t think Disney dwarfs, don’t think Disney anything when watching this movie! He was blind and had a special gift to “know” things, like a seer of sorts, so it seemed. There was just something about him. I don’t know if it was that he was so sage in his ways, or maybe he just rang true of a familiar father figure. I really appreciated this character and the ways he was able to enlighten others.
Charlize as Ravenna, in one of my favorite of her looks.
    1. Charlize Theron…helloooo…can we please give it up for Charlize for nailing the part of the evil Queen, Ravenna. Her demeanor, her dialect, her mannerisms…everything was spot on with her acting; as was everything with her hair, wardrobe, the works. She is not a character you are rooting for, of course not, but she is one to be in awe of.
    1. The Huntsman…while we are on a roll talking about casting…Chris Hemsworth was dreamy in the most rugged of a sense as the huntsman. Swinging his axe in that Thor like way…mmmhmmm…his character was really well developed and one you can actually see make that emotional transformation throughout the storyline…Who needs Prince Charming when you have the Huntsman!!
    2. The Sanctuary…After watching the struggle through the dark forest, seeing the Sanctuary, home of the fairies was like a wonderland moment, where all is beautiful and magical and whimsical. It was a classic Snow White moment when she got to be amongst the animals and be so in awe of her surroundings…a really cleverly designed setting.
  1. The Stag…Snow White is led by small fairies to a clearing where standing is this most magnificent white stag with a tremendous display of antlers. Muir lets no one but Snow approach as it is something that has never been seen before. Carefully Snow makes the initial contact with the stag and I hate to sound cheesy (I hate to say “cheesy”) but it was a poignant moment in the film for sure while as she stood there the stag lowered his head, surrounding her with his antlers. It was said to be a blessing because she is the life that will save everyone else. It was another awe moment with what soon followed, but I’ll leave that for your own viewing.
  2. All Hail the Queen…this is just one of those triumphant moments that you look for in a movie such as this. After Snow has awakened from the Queen’s apple betrayal she walks outside to address all of those who had been loyal to her father. She declares they will battle and that she will keep her promises and that the kingdom will be restored. Everyone, in the dark of night, drops to their knee and you hear them cry “All hail the Queen”.
  3. The Huntsman, Not Charming…Classically we know Prince Charming to be the one who awakens Snow from her sleep, but not this time, sorry Prince William. Stop reading now, if you don’t want to read of this somewhat predictable spoiler…William kisses Snow when they first realize Ravenna has poisoned her, but nothing comes from it. It is the huntsman, grieving in the shadows where Snow’s body is being displayed that declares his feelings and kisses her for the first time. Awww, why does KStew get to kiss the best looking guys?!?!
  4. The Implied Ending…Of course we see Snow White go on to be crowned Queen, but there is never a face to face declaration of feeling between her and the Huntsman. When she rises from her throne she scans the room looking face to face, and finally locks eyes with the Huntsman, she in her royal garb and he in the garb of a far from noble huntsman. But it is in that eye lock that soooo much can be inferred, and normally I don’t like to have to assume, in my own way, how the story will end beyond the rolling of credits, but that moment…yes…you knew there was something more to come.

There was so much in this film, I mean it was over 2 hours long, so needless to say I probably failed to touch on something else I found remarkable. I just wanted to do something fun, fun for me anyway, on this the day that it is. If you’ve seen the film leave your favorite moment in the comments below, if not, go see it!! And for arguments sake, who do you prefer, the Huntsman or Prince Charming?? (and not just in the film, but in their real life qualities)…Of course for me, the Huntsman wins.



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