Birchbox: Gossip Girl

Why am I such a procrastinator when it comes to this blog?? Yes, this post is for MAY’s Birchbox, and although I’ve had the box in my possession for over a month now, my review has yet to make it on here…but alas, here it is (June’s box to follow).
I was particularly stoked about this box because it is inspired by one of my absolute favorite shows, Gossip Girl. Can it get much better? Why yes, I think it can. I looked at some other posts about everyone else’s GG box (since not every box is identical), and not to be bias, but I think I got one of the better boxes!! Let’s talk about it’s contents so you can see why I adore:

  • Dior: Diorshow Extase Mascara…J’adore Dior, right?? And what an iconic designer name that definitely begs to be associated with Gossip Girl. I am conjuring up images of Blair Waldorf and Serena VanDerWoodsen as I type! This mascara is, well, a-mazing. It gives you the volume and length and adds that extra drama to your eyes. It also contains a ceramide complex which is unique in that it actually helps to fortify your lashes. A full-size product is $28.50, and although it’s not at a price point for me right now that I would stock my MUA kit with it, it is a definite y-e-s for my own personal use.
  • Dior: Miss Dior eau du parfum…more Dior, please and thank you. This is a very feminine fragrance that I would love for a night on the town. It has floral notes and a hint of patchouli.
  • Miracle Skin Transformer Body SPF 20 in Glow…This is a tinted treatment that you can use all over your body to cover blemishes and scars and add that extra little bit of luminescence. I can’t wait to try this one out more extensively.
  • SHU UEMURA Cleansing Oil Shampoo…Now, SHU UEMURA, a great brand, but being a stylist I can be particular about what shampoos (and hair products in general) I use. The basics of it are that it’s a scented cleasing shampoo that contains oil which turns into a foam, leaving hair “clean and bouncy”. This is probably going to go with the rest of my shampoo samples I keep around, but if I do end up using it sooner and I do think it’s a gem, I will speak on it down the road.
  • Birchbox Extra: Notecards… This is just a cute little notecard (one…wishing there was more) that says “XOXO” on it. It’s adorable, and I probably won’t use it for it’s practical use, it will most likely become a decorative piece.

So, that’s the Gossip Girl box! Pretty cool stuff for May…June’s box will be up soon, as well as another product review.
I started my new job at a hot, local salon and I’ve been there about a week now. The people are great and I’m really going to love growing as a stylist there! When I was finishing up cosmetology school I was beginning to feel a little bit lack-lustre about doing hair, I don’t know why because I didn’t feel that way about makeup. But now that I am in the salon, everything old is new again and I’m feeling more inspired to do great work. Of course, working full time in that setting cuts back a great deal on freelance makeup work, but I am trying to stay on top of that since you never want to give up on something you love. It’s a balancing act, it really is. Hope everyone’s summer is off to a brilliant start! And since we are talking about Gossip Girl, who do you prefer? Blair or Serena. Me personally, I’m a Blake Lively girl, but Blair Waldorf is my GG heroine.


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