Birchbox: Natural Wonders

SO, definitely leave it to me to put something like this off, but I felt lack lustre about writing this month’s (and yes I know it’s the last day of April) Birchbox review…pretty much because I saw the box as a little bit of a disappointment, so much so I didn’t even take my usual pictures to show off the wondrous gems inside. ::sigh:: I love you Birchbox, so here’s to hoping May’s box is bangin.
Anyway…the theme this month was Natural Wonders and I’ll just be brief and list the contents and say a little something something where I see necessary.

  1. amika Obliphica Nourishing Mask…well, it’s a mask, obvious from it’s name, for your hair, and it’s said to contain rare omega acids and Vitamin C that boosts shine and helps repair split ends.
  2. Juice Beauty Oil-free Moisturizer…now, I actually love Juice Beauty so this little guy will probably be getting thrown into my in-purse makeup bag. It’s a skin hydrator made with an organic fruit-based formula that won’t clog your pores.
  3. Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift…besides from the packaging making it’s best attempt at looking super pretty, I’m sorry T. Swift, I don’t see what is so standout about this fragrance other than the fact that it’s marketing face is that of the notoriously blond curly headed country princess (using the word princess loosely) that has potentially dated Jake Gyllenhaal. Yeah, no. The description of the product says “scent is as catchy as her lyrics”. Ok. There ya go then.
  4. Zoya True Spring Collection in Lotus…can’t go wrong with nail polish. I got the shade lotus which is like a shimmery deep lilac color, which looks promising for rocking out on the toes.
  5. dropps Laundry Detergent…this threw me off when I saw them in the box. They look like the little finish/jet dry pods, etc, that you put in your dishwasher but they are for your laundry. They are little eco-friendly detergent packs, single-use, that are supposed to add that extra bit of convenience to your laundry doing. Well, I use All free and clear because of it not making my skin itch, soooo prob won’t be trying these. They are adorable though, I will give them that.

There you have it. April showers bring May flowers, and all that good stuff. I’ve been busy finishing up school, and I graduate next month. Already had a very promising interview, have to go back in for a second practical interview, so fingers crossed and say your prayers. I have still been doing makeup, had an amazing session this past Saturday, and next Saturday I have gifted hair and makeup to a local Prom goer who won a facebook contest, so yeah, rockin. If you haven’t already, head over to facebook and LIKE my page, MUAH by Jacqueline Clark. As usual, leave comments and suggestions below and have a great week guys!!


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