Birchbox #3: Spotlight

I never thought I would say it (ok, maybe I did), but right now I’m too tan. Yesterday I went to the tanning bed AND I mystic-ed on top of that. And if that wasn’t enough I PaulyD-ed it up. So, needless to say when I got up this morning I was a little on the, umm, “tanner” side of things. Someone told me lemon juice can help with this situation, any truth to that before I go into my kitchen and start scrubbing my body with a lemon?? I will google fact-check that, since google is so legit when it comes to that sort of thing. Anyway, Jersey Shore tan status aside, my third Birchbox came in the other day and I’m actually not waiting a whole month to post about it, haha. It was another good one, so I hope they just keep getting better. This month the “theme” was SPOTLIGHT. So let’s talk about it…
Look at all these little gems inside!!
Let’s talk about what’s inside. SN: I know when I’ve done these box reviews previously I more or less just list the contents and say a few things here and there without a lot of detail or review, and that’s because most of these products are things I’m just seeing or hearing about for the first time. I like to share what’s in the box to maybe encourage you to want to sign up as well, and to offer my opinions here and there. When I find something I really love, then I’ll do a little review post on that particular product (and there are a few of those coming up).
*colorscience pro glow and go travel puff…this little things seems amazing and I think it’s going to be a real winner. It’s a little puff that’s already pre-filled with powder so you can de-shine your face and still look all glowy without having to reapply a full face of makeup and make a big deal out of things. They come in a couple of different shades from what I understand, and I think this is a more rad alternative to the oil absorbing sheets (although they are pretty handy little guys too).
*Eye Rock designer liner…Okay, these look like the coolest things ever! I wish I would’ve tried them out already, but I’m waiting for a special occasion (this weekend). They are single-use stick on liner strips, so you don’t have to mess with busting out the liquid liner if you don’t feel like it. If these are as amazing as I’m thinking I will definitely stock up…for 2 packs of 4 it’s only $13! Check out the pic below!


*Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution…first of all, who doesn’t love Kiehl’s?! This is basically a brightening serum thats purpose is to even out your skin tone with Vitamin C and white birch extracts. Personally, I don’t have a lot of issues right now with dark spots and noticeably uneven skin tone, so I might swing this one my mom’s way to try out!
Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel (Sensitive)… Honestly, I’ve never heard of the Juice Beauty brand before so yay Birchbox for showing me something new yet again. This is an organic facial peel that contains vitamins and fruit acids to leave your skin glowing. Who doesn’t want that perfect glowy complexion?! I like this especially because it is organic and meant for sensitive skin. I have had problems in the past with some masques and facial treatments leaving me red and irritated so hopefully this one works a little magic…I want that glow!
And of course there’s always a few non-beauty items thrown in the mix. There was a digital download for the band Green River Ordinance (indie rock) and then a Chuao Chocolatier Spicy Maya Chocopod, which is a dark chocolate mixed with chile and cayenne pepper. Now, I am by no means a spicy food kind of gal, but my husband can take the heat so I gave him this. He said it was “pretty good”, which in my husband’s terminology means it was delicious. If you dig the whole spicy chocolate thing you might love these. A full size bar is $6.
Well, it’s a rainy day here and knowing that I have to run out to Target and Wal-Mart in a few makes me say “mehhhh”. It’s a hair-up cardigan on kind of day. Hope everyone is well and I am thinking of adding a few different types of blog posts. I try to keep things “beauty” centered but as my husband and I grow together as a couple, our lives, and all the whimsy therein, may spur a few interesting posts I have a feeling, so we shall see!!
Do you have a favorite Birchbox find, or a product you want to see a review on?? I entertain ideas!

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