Taming Your Tresses: Frizz

We all fight the frizz battle every now & then, and with winter (or what is supposed to be winter but feels like spring) upon us, now is the time to arm our hair against the cold chill. Here are just a few tips and tricks to maintain luscious locks regardless of the season.
*Make sure you are using the right shampoo and conditioner.
You’ll want something hydrating, so my recommendation is Sebastian’s Drench combination.
Sebastian also makes some great treatment masques that you can use to further hydrate, repair, or maintain your hair.
*Colorist Josh Diffenbacher recommends that you should dye your hair with a semi-permanent color because it helps to tame fly-aways: “The protein in the dye flattens the cuticle”.
(note: when the hair cuticle swells is when you get frizz; you may notice this when you’re out in the elements or you’ve blow-dryed your hair with high heat).
*Use a leave-in Conditioner.
Using a leave-in conditioner is another great tool in your arsenal when fighting the “war” against unruly hair. After shampooing, section your hair and apply a drop of leave-in conditioner to each section to make sure your cover all of your hair.


My leave-in recommendation is Bumble and bumble’s leave in (rinse out) conditioner.

*Tame other fly-away areas with a smoothing serum or similar styling product.
My 2 faves are Sebastian’s Potion 9 and Aveda’s Smooth Infusion Glossing Treatment.

You can actually use these products on wet or dry hair. On wet hair apply the product into your hands, rub together and begin working it through your hair starting in the back. Continue by blow-drying or styling otherwise. When using on dry hair, use as more of a spot treatment. Apply a small drop of product between your hands and rub together; apply to areas in need of attention–usually fly-aways around the front hairline and through the hair ends.
*When blow drying, use a diffuser.

Set your blow dryer on a low speed/high heat and hold 3-5 inches away from your head until your hair is dry (keeping the dryer moving, not concentrated in one particular area to avoid burning your scalp). Use your fingers to work through your hair, instead of a coarse brush or comb.

I hope some of these little tid bits help you out, let me know in the comments if you have any other tips or secrets to taming that frizz and what some of your favorite products are!!

Can we all please take a minute to relive last night’s David Beckham-H&M-SuperBowl Commercial-Hotness??! Yes. Yes we can.


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