Birchbox #2: Clarity.

Wow, January got a little more busy than I anticipated. Between school and work ( been working with an amazing photog on some rad shoots) I haven’t had time to catch up on everything else. I mean, here it is 3 days into February and I am just now reviewing my January Birchbox (and it’s a good one too!). So let’s cut to the chase…here’s my review on January’s BB.


Clarity is this month’s “title/theme”


And you open up the box and see….
So, let me just tell you what all came in the box and you will understand why it’s so rad…
  • a Larabar mini bar…an all natural bar of dried fruits and nuts…like a luna bar…yummy and good for you.
  • Stila Smudge Stick (looks full size!)…it’s a waterproof eyeliner in a pretty deep purple shade (purple long). I love Stila eyeliner, not only because the colors are gorgeous, and this purple really is a great alternative to black, but they last a really long time with very minimal smudging. A definite recommendation to pick one up for yourself!
  • Stila Smudgestick in Purple Long
    Jouer Body Butter…love this stuff too! It’s really good for rough patches of skin, like the elbows. It’s made with shea and olive and avocado oils, so it’s great for the winter months when you’re skin is feeling a little under-moisturized.
  • Borghese CuraForte Moisture Instensifier…a serum you apply before you moisturize, or you can mix it in with your favorite lotion to give it a little boost. I honestly haven’t tried this one yet but it sounds amazing and maybe I will do a little review on this product alone.
  • Sample of Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy fragrance…okay, who doesn’t love this. Don’t really need to say more.
  • And, as a little Bonus Jonas, if you will, there was also a little Birchbox logo magnet. Cute.
So, that was January’s box, and February’s box will be here next week I believe. That’s exciting stuff in my little world of glam! I hope everyone has a stellar weekend, and I will try and post a little something something this weekend since it’s a 3 day one for me!!

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