VS Fashion Show 2011 Top 10

Some may say they shamelessly admit to things, but actually I am not sorry to say that the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is one of the things I always look forward to this time of year. So, I could not help myself…I had to write some kind of blog post/list/memo to get all my thoughts (or most of them) out there. So agree, disagree, share your own “love” moments from tonight’s show. Here are 10 of mine:

  1. The runway….hello, it was literally paved with glitter…love and love.
  2. All the sweet moments between the angels and their men, haha. Orlando Bloom’s endless applause for Miranda Kerr (who just had a baby, dang), and then Adam Levine’s little kiss to Anya while he was performing with Maroon 5. Little “awww” moments, I dig.
  3. Adam Levine and his angel girlfriend Anne
    The hair and makeup…duh. It’s fabulous as alwaaaays!! My dream job (legit) is to do hair and makeup for this show!!
  4. The clothes, in general.
  5. THE WINGS, in general!! Ugh, I could write allll day about the wings. Love.
  6. Adriana Lima…she’s my fave and she looked killer tonight!!! (Miranda Kerr a close second and Alessandra Ambrosio in 3rd….they all looked amazing though).
  7. Adriana Lima in the “I put a spell on you” walk.
    The music…good this year, Jay-Z and Kanye, Maroon 5 and Nicki Minaj…and of course the runway tuneage was on point.
  8. The themes! Always genius. This year my favorite was “I put a spell on you”…loved all the cameo jewelry, it was just incredible!
  9. Looking for other celebs in the crowd! Who did you spot? I caught Orlando Bloom (duh), Beyonce (duh) and Joe M….the dude that plays the yummy Alcide on True Blood, Tyson Beckford…just to name drop a few.
  10. The awe inspiring work of all the talented people that worked behind the scenes to make the show a success. Their work is truly impressive. Lots of whimsy (and you know I love whimsy) mixed with classic pieces. It doesn’t get much better. I’m inspired, for sure.
Miranda Kerr rocking the multi-million dollar bra
Not only am I inspired by the esthetics, but by the bodies of those model. Let’s face it, no matter who you are, at some point you thought “I want to be her” about one, if not all, of those gorgeous ladies. Adriana Lima is my girl! So, I got my coupon on deck for the free VS show undies tomorrow and I have already added the pink backstage robe to my Christmas list. What was your favorite part of the show/your favorite set/your favorite ensemble/wings/model, whatever? Comment below….sharing is caring!



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