Review: Palladio Eye Pencil

Wow, I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything since the first of last month!! Well, as Jay-Z says “I got my swagga back”. I have been so busy with school and freelancing and much needed family time but I decided I needed to jump back on here and pick up the slack. I’m basically starting my portfolio over again, working with professional photographers to have professionally taken images in my book and not just a picture taken by somebody’s aunt or cousin or whoever at an event. So, I have a smaller book now but it’s quality work, but since they supposedly say you are only as good as the worse picture in your book then I guess I’m cool with that.

Anyway, I thought I’d come back with a product review! This one is on Palladio’s Eye Liner Pencil.

I am writing this review based on using their eye liner pencil in “black”; I only mention that because sometimes colored liners will review differently even if they are from the same product line.
What I like about this liner specifically is that is so much easier to apply than your standard issue wooden liner pencil. The texture is creamier, which not only helps with application but with blending as well. I’m always able to attain that smooth, precise line, and the pencil sharpens without splitting or breaking at the tip like other liner pencils.

The color also doesn’t fade as fast as other mid-end pencils I’ve tried have done. I’ve been using a felt tip liner and other liquid and gel liners, and I initially picked this liner up in black to use as a guide, or foundation, for my liquid liner. However, this penicl liner has become a must have for both my kit and everyday use. Another plus is that the texture of the liner is not harsh on the water line–it glides on smoothly without feeling stiff or irritating. (just make sure you keep it sharpened to a nice, rounded point for that smooth application).

Price wise, the Palladio liner is totally affordable (as is the rest of Palladio’s product line), retailing for about $3 at stores like Ulta or Sally’s. It also comes in a variety of colors: sky blue, silver, expresso, taupe, midnight blue, white, charcoal, dark green, brown, black, lavendar and light brown. I like the black, personally, because it is really dark and pigmented; a deep hue almost like a kohl color.

The creamy quality to the product itself is what helps it glide so smoothly along the lash line but the pencil is also firm enough that you have good control when creating a line. I will say, there are liners that claim to have and do have a longer lasting power but I’ve tested Palladio’s to work about 6 or 7 hours before I noticed any smudging…but for the price of this liner it’s a great deal. If you want more lasting power you can of course set it with powder or setting spray and extend it’s wear. But, like I said I use this on both myself and clients and it’s a win in my book.
Have your own review on another eye pencil or Palladio product, share your comment or link below!


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