Review: Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray.

Happy Sunday!! I have had this review written for some time now and finally deciding to post it. Who would have thought Cosmo school was going to keep me this legit busy! But it is, and we’re learning haircuts, which I know is one of the most important elements of the program, and I don’t want to jack up anyone’s hair of course, but I’m a color fan! I love haircolor, and of course, I love makeup, so without further adieu here’s my review (totally didn’t want that to rhyme, haha).

I have tried several setting sprays and thus far Urban Decay’s All-Nighter is my fave. Now, a lot of people always ask me “What’s wrong with MAC’s Fix Plus?” Well, my answer to that is : nothing. I like MAC Fix Plus for applying glitter and sparkly pigments to my eyes (you know, spray the brush with fix plus, dip in the glitter, apply). This is just the setting spray I’m using and loving right now and I will tell you more about it and why I think it’s a gem.

Should I use bullet points?? Let’s use bullet points, haha…

    • I like that after you mist your face you are left with a pretty, dewy look and nothing greasy or oily look. It would suck to have perfect makeup, spray your face and then look all greasy, right. Yes.
    • It keeps your makeup in place and looking amazing all day! I can’t say that any simpler. I’ve tried some sprays that almost over hydrate my face (and no, not because I used a heavy concentration of the product) and my makeup was smearing! A setting spray should never cause your makeup to smear, it’s purpose is to “set” everything in place, lock it in.
    • You can buy the sample size (.34 oz) for like $10 (get mine from Ulta) and the full size is about $28 (4 oz). I have already gone through my bottle since I actually first wrote this review so I need to re-up! And the $28 is actually worth it. It may be a little more than Fix Plus, but with all this hot summer heat trying to beat us up we want something that works and gives us our moneys worth.
    • UD All-Nighter is good for all skin types and hasn’t irritated my skin or anyone else’s that I’ve applied this product on.
    • It’s not sticky! You might think that spraying something on your face will make it sticky (kind of like when you get hairspray on your face and your face just gets that ick feeling), but this product does not, which is always a plus for anything you put on your face.
    • Another plus: it prevents your makeup from flaking, which is especially beneficial for anyone with dry skin.
    • Oil free. Paraben free. Vegan friendly. Enough said.
  • Ummm, the bottle is pretty! Haha, what can I say, I am such a sucker for pretty packaging!!
  • You only need 2, maybe 3, sprays to set your look. So you do get your moneys worth, like I touched on before.
  • Your makeup will be left looking fresh for like 16 hours. Now I personally haven’t worn my makeup that long recently, so I can vouch for a good 10 hours. If you’ve used this and made it to 16 hours, leave a testimonial in the comments, haha.
  • All-Nighter is a moisture resistant formula…so don’t worry about crying, sweating, water splashes at the beach/pool/hot tub. I’m not saying go swimming and you will surface from the pool like a beautiful sea nymph, no. But, all the the little things, good to go. Urban Decay gave this product a “cooling technology” so your skin feels refreshed–personally I like cool mist feeling the spray gives and I think it’s what adds to that dewy finish most of us love.

So, have you read all this and still wonder, um, “What is a setting spray?”. Let me tell you…
It hydrates and refreshes your face while keeping your makeup in place. All you do is hold it about 10 inches or so from your face and mist 2-3 times (make sure you don’t scrunch up your face! The spray will dry in like 60 seconds, then you are good to go. If you have the full-size at home, it’s always good to maybe carry the trial size version in your bag in case you want to refresh your face throughout the day. You can pick this up at Ulta, Sephora, or on Urban Decay’s Website.
Do you agree that UD’s All-Nighter Setting Spray is the best?? Disagree? Let me know in the comments.


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