Just Beachy.

OMG….It feels like forever since I’ve sat down and wrote a post. I never thought I would be as legit busy as I have been. So, the beauty blogging will soon resume, but I thought I would use this post to just play a little catch up.
I went to the beach for a week last month and it was a delightful little get away; I mean, who doesn’t love a beach vacay?? Seriously, I want names. I get back from the beach on a Saturday and that following Monday I started cosmo school. So it’s been 2 weeks of school so far and I’m loving it: I’ve lerned a lot and made some new rad friends. Glad we are having a 3 day weekend though, because I needed a little break. My Nana’s 93rd birthday was on June 30th so we had a celebration for that…sn: my Nana rocks. My niece turned 3 yesterday so we had a big Hello Kitty birthday party for her. Kudos to my sister for pulling that all together! So my plans for the rest of the weekend? I don’t know…I’m enjoying the a/c right now, and the fact that there’s a new episode of True Blood tonight…ugh, last week’s episode…ending with Eric fangs out…looooove. I love me some Eric Northman. Bill Compton is not on my hot list though, I already sense something is wrong with him this season.
Okay, so I’m also having like one of those hair issues, ya know, when you’re growing it out but it’s in the middle stages, so it’s not short like the original cut but it’s not all gorgeous and Blake Lively wavy. Yeah, that’s me.  I”ve been wearing my clip in extensions but they are getting all dry and I want soft flowy beautiful hair…I legit need a hair fairy.
So, that’s where I am right now. I got some product reviews coming up and some how-to’s as well, so look out for those.

Bonus Jonas:
(you know there had to be one!)
“Things I learned at the Beach”

  • A pelican pooping on you will induce vomiting (don’t ask, that’s pretty self-explanatory)
  • Every little old lady in a cover up and sun hat begins to look like your own grandmother.
  • You have to look out for “summer runners” (I’m coining that phrase)…you know, the people that you see out running along the beach or wherever and you can tell that they only are out in the heat running because they are on vacay. It’s obvious who they are.
  • Sharing a bathroom with other people is no good. I like an abundance of bathroom counter space.
  • The hot tub rocks….sitting in there, with a starlit sky above your head and the sound of waves crashing on the beach is totally rad.
  • Being tan rocks…sunburn, eh, not so much.
  • You don’t need to go out and spend money to have a good time….helllloooo, the beach is free.
  • Ne-yo and Pitbull will inevitably convince you to “grab somebody sexy” and tell them “hey”.
  • Along those same lines, your husband/sig. other will eventually learn all the words to Katy Perry’s “ET” if heard often enough.

That’s just a short list of fun facts I came up with. I will add others if I think they are note worthy.
Have a happy and safe 4th of July everyone!!


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