SPF: A Guide

Summer is here! (well officially on the 20th but the summer sun doesn’t seem to know that). Now, I won’t lie, I do frequent the tanning bed (bad I know, I know), but I like my nice bronzey glow that self-tanners just don’t ever seem to give me. But, outside in the hottness that is this summer sun I do make sure that I’m using my SPF (which reminds me, gotta pick up some since my beach vacay is literally right around the corner). So, I’ve put together various tips and tricks, if you will, on how you can keep yourself safe from the sun and also what you can do if you find yourself with (ouch) sunburn. Regardless of how you choose to incorporate your SPF, and to what level, play it safe out there!

You want to maintain your healthy, gorgeous skin and the sun’s rays can can get in the way of that by causing dark spots, wrinkles, sunburn, scarring, and yes, cancer. If you know you’re going to be outside this summer, apply your sunscreen at least 15 minutes before going out–you want to give your skin enough time to absorb it. You want to apply a thin, even layer all over your body–no need for excess! Women want to especially make sure that legs and upper backs are covered well since dermatologists say that melanoma most often strikes in these areas.

Also make sure you are also applying SPF to your face. Most foundations contain a small amount of SPF (usually a 4), but don’t rely on that to keep your face sun-safe. If you have sensitive skin/skin prone to breakouts then you’ll probably want to pick up a sunscreem specifically meant for your face. Make sure if you are outside for an extended period of time that you are re-applying every hour and a half or so–even if you’re just laying out, you’re still sweating!

So, You Got Sunburn.
Hey, it happens. Here are some things that Dr. Francesca Fusco says you can do to manage while your skin recovers: Make sure you are moisturizing your skin & keeping it hydrated. I reccomend a fragrant free lotion like Lubriderm’s Sensitive Skin Therapy. Hydrated skin will heal faster & may be less likely to scar. You also want to avoid using any product that contains retinol & topical acids (like glycolic & AHA) which could exaggerate your sunburn. Don’t think that by putting on more sunscreen and going back out you’ll be protected from further burn; in fact, going back out into the sun before you’ve fully healed can cause even more scarring.

Now ladies, this may be something you don’t want to hear, but I’ve learned from personal experience & from talking to others, that you need to lay off the makeup while your skin is recovering from sunburn! If you’re like me the thought of going out with a naked face can make you feel a little “bleh”, but trust me, you don’t want to irritate your skin any further when you don’t have to. I will still throw on some mascara and maybe some tinted lip balm just to placate myself 😉 Just keep your skin nice & hydrated. Aloe is also a popular sunburn remedy–and now there’s even lotion that has aloe in it, so bonus jonas, whatever works for you!

Have fun in the sun dolls! Just keep gorgeous by keeping that SPF on hand.


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