Review: EOS Shave Cream

Hello dolls (guys and dolls possibly)!! It’s Friday, so I hope everyone is geared up for a great weekend! I know I’m super busy the next 2 days. Tonight my husband and I have part 1 of 2 of a marriage seminar called “The Art of Marriage” (tomorrow am is pt. 2), then we will be heading off to our local Relay for Life event where my mom and aunt have created a team, so we will be posted out there; I even made some rad cupcakes for the event (pics will be available soon on my cupcake website: Anyway, despite running around like a whirling dervish (totally random reference, right) I had to do a review on the new EOS (Evolution of Smooth) shave cream I just got and love.

I think by now we have all seen the EOS lip balm…you know, the ones that come in the spherical containers and are super cute, but the other day I picked up their shave cream from Target ($5 for a 7 fl. oz bottle). I got it in the scent “pomegranate raspberry” and it came in a hot pink bottle (I’m always a sucker for quality products in pretty packaging). The front of the bottle claims it’s “ultra moisturizing, paraben free, with natural aloe and shea butter”. It also contains antioxidant vitamins (E & C) which are supposed to help your skin look nice and healthy.

What I Think:
I really like that this product comes in a plastic bottle and is a pump (I’m so used to those gilette brands, or whatever, that come in the metal canisters and aerosol out into a foam…don’t typically like). It pumps out like a lotion and is non-foaming. Now, a lot of you may like the lather sensation that most shave creams give, but trust me, try this and you will change your mind! The best part is that you can shave wet or dry. I just shaved my legs “dry” and had absolutely no problem because the shave cream has amazing hydrating properties. I even used a brand spanking new razor (a 5 blade) and was able to get a really close shave with out any irritation or razor cuts from the new razor. Something else that I love (about the dry shave) is that when you’re done you don’t have to rinse your legs off. I just rubbed the remaining cream into my skin like lotion. Now my legs feel soft and smooth and have that nice shiny look. So ladies, no excuses not to have that smooth luxurious look (and feel) to your legs…especially with the summer months begging us to wear less clothes!!

Have you tried the EOS shave cream?? Let me know what you think about it. And if anyone else finds anything they think is comparable, let me know your opinions on that too!! Here’s to hot looking legs this summer (and always)!!


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