Royal Wedding.

Hey guys!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend thus far…it’s perfect beach weather, but we all know the beaches are mad crowded so I’m laying low on that front. I do, however, wonder if the tanning bed will be open tomorrow. Yesterday was pretty eventful in that I did makeup for a wedding party of 8!! No assistant, and finished just in time, but all the girls looked beautiful and I’m super proud of myself, which I never am (weird to say right, I don’t know). Anyway, it’s no secret, or perhaps it is to some, that I was (and possibly still am) Royal Wedding obsessed, I watched the coverage from like 2am-9am….Kate Middleton is pretty much my hero. It’s been a month today since the big event, so since I didn’t have a blog then, we can consider this my Royal Wedding commemorative post. I have my opinions (pretty much in a chronological order) as well as some fun facts I picked up along the way! So, if you could absolutely care less read no further…but really, you should just keep reading anyway….there might be a little bonus jonas fun at the end….so let the royal fun begin!!

My Thoughts on the Royal Wedding:

  • My official first tweet of any RW significance was at 1:38am (7:38am London time–I went back and checked the time on my twitter, haha) to note that the red carpets were being rolled out at Westminster Abbey, and that the balcony at Buckingham Palace was being decked out for the much anticipated first kiss–if a red carpet is your “aisle runner”, so to speak, that’s glamtastic right there!!
  • I love that like most everyday non-Royal brides Kate was very hands on in the wedding planning, so lots of personal touches were to be expected.
  • First of the titles granted to William & Kate by the Queen–the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge…okay,so now I totally want a title, it would make my return address labels a lot more interesting.
  • Everyone (well, commentators anyway) joked whether Will would whisper “Kiss me Kate” on the balcony before the kiss…how cute would that have been?! Totally totally cheesy, but cute…especially with that British accent.
  • The HATS…OMG…I could write a whole blog about the hats themselves. There were your regular, run-of-the-mill hats and then the ultra over-the-top crazy ones known as “fascinators”…SN: If Lady Gaga were to have attended the Royal Wedding, what kind of hat do you think she would’ve worn?!
  • The aisle in the Abbey (I mean, the place is already gorgeous as is) was lined with maple trees. At the base of each tree was planted a Lily of the Valley and a strawberry plant…imagine the sweet smell that flowed through that place.
  • SPOTTED: David & Victoria Beckham looked dapper and gorgeous. I wanted to see David out on that top hat, but never did. I guess he just carried it around the whole time. BTW, Victoria’s fabulous dress was from her own line.
  • Okay, if you couldn’t take your eyes off the tv during the coverage, please tell me if you saw this too: When cameras were showing all the guests in the Abbey before the ceremony there was this lady on her cell phone texting or something…and her man “nudged” her to get off of it. Note that “nudge” is in quotations. I thought this to be hilarious.
  • When the first glimpse of Will leaving for the Abbey came up, all I could think of was how much he looked like a prince pulled straight from the screen of a Disney film….the hat, eh, not so much…but he looked princely for sure.
  • I think at this point in the RW coverage I was already crying, because I am that much of a nerd…it was announced that the night before, Will gave Kate a signet ring with his crest on it…I wonder if we’ll spot her wearing it, ’cause I’m interested to see what it looks like.
  • @realbeauties tweeted this and I thought it was funny: “You can’t tell us someone in that church is NOT playing Angry Birds, you just can’t”…well, maybe the lady that was “nudged” off her cell phone was.
  • There were lots of nods to Diana throughout the day which I thought was not only appropriate, but endearing; she certainly hasn’t been forgotten. When she passed, Will and Henry got to choose something of hers to hold onto…Will chose a watch and it was actually Harry that picked that fabulous sapphire ring. However, when Will met Kate he asked Harry for it, and obviously Harry forked it over, and I love that Will gave it to Kate. Diana had always told her kids to marry for love, and not to let royal status be a determining factor…I think she would love Kate.
  • I hate the word “pomp”, ugh. But, I must say that Britain puts it out there fabulously.
  • HOW GORGEOUS DID KATE LOOK IN THAT DRESS?!!! (designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen…I totally called that one!). She was absolutely stunning in every possible way. As she and her father were riding in the Rolls Royce to the Abbey I knew they were having a very special father-daughter moment–it really made me miss my dad. (I love you Dad) ❤
    I also have to say that I love the fact that Kate did her own makeup. I mean, she could’ve had her pick of any renowned makeup artist (wouldn’t you love that job!), but she did it herself which I think is rad, and it looked beautiful.
  • Of course I have to mention Pippa. She looked a-mazing in her white McQueen dress. Some say her gown even rivaled Kate’s. but I think that Kate’s definitely was the spotlight as far as fashion goes. SN: has anyone else noticed that lately Pippa is being talked about and photographed lots more than Kate….some say this is being done purposely to take attention of the newly married couple…hmmm…
  • Seeing Kate is her dress definitely had me in tears…I guess it was making me think back to my own wedding…and then when Prince Harry glanced back at Kate coming down the aisle I totally balled, ngl. I wonder if he said anything to Will…but Harry’s smile at her certainly was sweet.
  • Now, speaking of smiles…seeing the smile on Will’s face when he first saw Kate was certainly an “awwww” moment…I melted. Then when we all saw him whisper “You look beautiful”, I totally melted again.
  • @CosmoOnline tweets: “Do not, we repeat do not, play the drinking game in which you take a sip everytime you see a hat”…haha, now that would be volatile, wouldn’t it. And speaking of HATS…Princess Beatrice’s hat made me so oddly uncomfortable! And apparently it sold on eBay for $131 thousand, or something like that…crazy.
  • “Every wedding is a Royal Wedding” and “You will set the world on fire”…everything that came out of the Archbishop’s mouth was just fantastic.
  • Did everyone else catch all the little smirks and winks between Wills and Kate…cute!
  • Another great archbishop quote: “This is as every wedding day should be: a day of hope”.
  • Will is such a gentleman and I love it–when they had to kneel to pray, Will grabbed Kate’s hand to help her down. C’mon guys, chivalry is not dead (at least not in Britain)…hold the door open every now and then, haha!
  • Will & Kate had their own prayer written for the ceremony…a little personal touch that anyone can add to their big day…and one that Will & Kate will surely always treasure.
  • SPOTTED: someone in the Abbey was reapplying lip gloss during the ceremony. The things you see people do, haha. I wouldn’t want to be known as the girl who was putting on lipgloss instead of paying attention to the Royal Wedding right in front of their face!
  • The way some of the choir boys are “mean-mugging” (in the most polite way, naturally) at the page boys, I think they wish they were in the page boy garb and not their choir robes…just saying.
  • Seeing Will & Kate hand-in-hand is so sweet and regal at the same time (why can’t I just be a royal, haha)…although there were moments I totally thought he was going to step on her gorgeous dress…and they rode back to Buckingham Palace in that carriage…can we say fairy tale sweet!
  • I swear I saw Kate ask Will “Are you happy?” as they were riding in the carriage. Whatever she asked, he nodded yes, so awwww. I also think I saw Kate wipe a tear…just a little one…but I’m saying…
  • How adorable was Prince Harry riding in the kiddie carriage. Apparently it’s tradition, but adorable none the less.
  • Will planted that first kiss smack dab on Kate’s lips…and wait…2 kisses!! Totally breaks with tradition apparently, but with a love like theirs, who cares.
  • I was thinking it would be way too hilarious, and certainly tradition-breaking//all-kinds-of-rules-breaking, if Prince Harry just leaned over and planted one on Pippa.
  • Kate & Will change into their reception clothes, and of course, just as stunning. Will looked dapper in that tux and Kates dress, gorgeous…Gorgeous. I love all the glamour.

Royal Wedding Fun Facts:

  • 19 Weddings have taken place at the Abbey in the last 100 years.
  • Music from the Abbey was so loud it was drowning out all of that insane street noise.
  • 1900 Wedding guests…rumors had previously swirled about that Kanye West was supposedly invited…I never saw him, so…no invite or no show?!
  • Only the bride, Kate, can arrive after the Queen, and only her father can arrive with her.
  • The fanfare played when Will & Kate signed their register was composed especially for the RW.
  • Kate’s vows to Will contained “love and honor” but the “obey” was not included.
  • The Queen lent Kate the halo tiara she was wearing…it was made by Cartier in 1936.

That was A LOT, I know! But I can’t get enough of it! My husband even surprised me by buying me the Time Commemorative Royal Wedding issue and People’s collector’s issue too (which I saw that People has another one out now too). There are still a few more magazines I need to pick up, but those suckers can be pricey. If you ar just as Will & Kate/Royal Wedding obsessed as I am, and after reading this you think I’ve missed something…well, chances are I didn’t, haha. It was probably me editing myself as I went along. I could probably have an entirely separate blog about the Royals (but I promise, I won’t, haha). I have total Kate Middleton envy! I’ve always wanted to go to London, and after watching the Royal Wedding I want to go even more! My husband says we’ll make it happen. <3.

Bonus Jonas:
Royal Wedding Nails
(click link above to see video).

I am yet to find a really good YouTube Kate Middleton RW makeup look (there are lots on there, but not one I absolutely love) so if you know of a really good, high quality one, let me know in the comment section…but Julie (JulieG713) always has amazing hair and makeup tutorials, so that’s why I included the RW nails video!


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