Cleaning & Maintaining Your Brushes

Whether they’re for personal or professional use, make sure you always keep your makeup brushes clean! It’s not only sanitary but also can extend the life of your brushes. Makeup brushes are on thing, in my opinion, that are worth spending a little extra money on if you can. Most everyone knows of MAC brushes, but another rad brand is Sigma (see pic and link below). I have also found an awesome, affordable set–Sonia Kashuk’s line for Target. Regardless of what brushes you use, keep them clean, healthy, and ready to go when you need them!

Spot Cleaning:
For everyday/spot cleaning I use a makeup brush cleaner by ColorScience (my sister gets this from the dermatologist office she works for). I hold my brush at a downward angle (brush tip down) and spray the brush cleaner on the bristles. I then take the brush and gently rub it in circles on a clean towel (or paper towel folded in 4’s into a square)…you can even spray another spray of cleaner onto the towel if you want, depending on how dirty your brush is. Keep swirling the brush into the towel until you see the makeup/product coming off of the brush.

Deep Cleaning & Conditioning:
There are lots of ways to deep clean/condition your brushes, and you can certainly Google or YouTube the various methods, this is just the one I use. (condition your brushes maybe once a week, every 10 days).
Spread a little bit of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (plain, nothing with garlic in it or anything) on a clean towel or squared off paper towel. The extra virgin olive oil breaks down any built up product on your brush and helps to condition the bristles. With your olive oil-ed towel in one hand and brush-to-be-cleaned in the other, gently swirl the brush into the olive oil and you will see all of that built up product began to show up on the towel. Using lukewarm water rinse the brush, avoiding getting water above the bristles, so you don’t cause water damage, or rusting to occur. Lay brushes flat to dry on a towel.
Bonus Jonas: This is an extra little step I just learned about, but it can be helpful if you need it…Apply a little bit of baby shampoo to a towel/paper towel/sponge and rub the brush into the lathered shampoo. Again, rinse in lukewarm water, making sure you only rinse the bristles (rinse well!) and then lay flat on a towel to dry.

Sigma Brushes
Hope you guys find this helpful!!

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