Love your Lashes.

Happy Tuesday! How was everyone’s Monday? As cliche as mine (as far as “Monday’s Suck”)…Although we did have that thunderstorm, I seemed to hit a wall around every corner I turned, not literally, haha. I blanked on how to say “Thank you” in Italian (still am, grrr), didn’t make it out tanning or to Target, and just a whole hot mess of things…my hair didn’t even leave the safety of its ponytail. But today we’ve had another wickedly delightful thunderstorm, I had portobellos for dinner and the husband brought me home an A&W root beer…and tonight is a new episode of “The Voice”, which if you’re not going to watch for the sheer premise of the show, at least watch for the hottness that is Adam Levine, awww. ANYWAY, today’s post is about loving your lashes…tips and tricks on eyelash curling and applying mascara for the novice, which I see as only fitting since yesterday I did a mascara review!

Everyone has their own way to curl lashes and apply mascara. You may not even curl your lashes or wear mascara (let’s face it, it can be scary having crazy metal and/or pointy contraptions coming right at your eye!). This is just my method for curling lashes and wearing mascara for an everyday look–just thought I’d share for anyone interested.

1. Use a metal eyelash curler! I like the ones by Revlon and tarte.
2. Starting at the base of your lashes, clamp the curler down for approx. 3-5 seconds. Release, and move to the middle of your lashes & then the tips, pressing down for the 3-5 seconds each time.
3. For a little bonus jonas, go back to the base of your lashes and press the curler together again for an additional 3-5 seconds. (Repeat on the other eye).

1. Take whatever mascara you like (making sure there aren’t any extra clumps or excess product hanging around on your wand). I like to first just coat the very tips of my lashes–which will ass a little bit of extra length when you’re done.
2. To apply your first coat of mascara, start at the base of your lashes and gently wiggle the wand upwards, slowly rotating the wand slightly as you do so. Make sure your eyelashes are evenly coated before you move on to any additional full-coats. (Repeat on the other eye).
3. Apply about 2 full coats for an everyday look (or however many you personally like!), just make sure you don’t overwhelm your lashes with mascara–you might then notice clumping.
4. Another little trick I do is to take the tip of my mascara wand and gently coat my outer lashes, gently pulling them out at an outward angle–to make my lashes look even fuller.

et voila!
Note: I typically don’t wear mascara on my bottom lashes for an everyday look, but if you do don’t go heavy–I would usually apply a light coat to the outer lashes, gently pulling them outward (like with the top lashes) to add just a little bit of definition.
**Don’t forget to take your mascara off at night (with the rest of your makeup)! Otherwise you won’t have a nice clean base for fresh mascara the next time you put on your makeup, and you can notice some breakage in your lashes.
Bonus Jonas: I put the question out on twitter asking what celebs you thought had the best lashes, so here’s a top 5 (although I can think of so many fabulous lashes out there is Hollywood!).
1. Katy Perry
2. Carrie Underwood
3. Nicole Richie
4. Hilary Duff
5. Holly Madison
Have a beautiful evening everyone!!

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