MAC vs Revlon Colorstay

Happy Sunday!!
I thought I’d make one of my first official posts a product comparison…I often find these helpful when other makeup artists blog or vlog about different products, so this is my contribution on that similar note. Many a makeup artist/beauty blogger has offered their opinion on these 2 popular products: MAC’s Studio Fix Fluid Foundation and Revlon’s Colorstay. You can even go on YouTube and actually see some pretty rad gurus show you the differences and similarities in a practical application, while at the same time offering their opinion, whether it be a professional or personal one. So in battle MAC vs. Revlon here’s what I have to say.

I am familiar with both the MAC brand and Revlon brand, and these 2 foundations are actually highly comparable to one another, even though MAC is a higher end brand and Revlon is what you would dub a “drugstore” brand. Does spending more money guarantee you a better product? The answer to that in my book is: no. (and that goes for more than just foundation!).
Let’s take a little look at both products:

MAC: The studio fluid foundation is a full-coverage foundation, so if you don’t often wear foundation, or find that you only need a light coverage, this is not the foundation for you anyway. Otherwise, this is a really good foundation for full coverage because it blends easily, whether you’re using your fingers, a sponge, or foundation brush. Now, I do love MAC, but a lot of people tend to have skin issues when it comes to their products, especially the foundations. Check the ingredients if you have skin issues with makeup and do some comparison…MAC’s SFFF runs about $28, so you don’t want to waste your money if you can help it! The one issue I have with this particular foundation is that it can come across a little yellow or orange when applied, especially if you’re fair skinned. I know some people with really fair skin that just can’t wear MAC foundation because the lightest shade is still too dark for their skin! It comes in a 1 fl. oz bottle, but only has one formula, which brings me to Revlon…

REVLON: Revlon Colorstay also comes in a 1 fl. oz bottle, but comes in 2 formulas: for normal to dry skin and for oily to combination skin. That’s especially helpful if you know your skin type! (which everyone that wears makeup should!). Like MAC, Colorstay offers a really nice full-coverage and blends just as easily. It is also available in a much wider range of shades, which really helps with matching to your skin or if you’re a makeup artist and want to stock your kit (like I do, haha!). Economically speaking, Colorstay runs anywhere from like $8-$12 so it’s much more affordable than MAC, and that’s a bonus jonas right there in itself!

So who wins??…

My pick is the Revlon Colorstay! I use it in my kit (tip for makeup artists: pick up a bottle in every other or every 2 shades and you will have the right color for everyone and lots of room to blend and match) and find that the coverage is just as well as MAC’s. Now, I know there are some loyal-as-can-be MAC fans out there, but my advice is not to fall in love with a brand because of it’s name/popularity. Do your research, and look not just at pricing, but for what is the best product in any particular makeup category. Seem like a lot of work just for makeup? Well, it’s your skin! Keep it healthy! Healthy skin is the perfect foundation for your makeup in general! That’s my opinion on MAC vs Revlon. Have 2 products you want compared? Let me know!
Hope everyone has a beautiful evening!



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