Hellooo Gorgeous…

So, I’ve started a blog…something I’ve been meaning to do for sometime now, I just couldn’t decide what kind of blog I wanted. I gave it a great deal of thought, and decided I was not quite brave enough to create a personal-everyday life based blog, so I decided to take a different route, one which I think will be fun. If you follow me on twitter (@JalinMarieC) then you know I often post fashion, hair, and makeup tips, but limited to 140 characters can be a daunting task when talking about certain things. So I thought, a beauty blog! I know there are tons out there, and there certainly isn’t a shortage of youtube gurus that can certainly offer the same sorts of information, but I thought, I’m a makeup artist, I’m passionate about creativity, fashion, and art, and I like to think my sense of whimsy can be respected by others out there.

More about me: I’m a wife (married almost 4 years)…married young at the age of 22, but it’s turned out to be quite a wonderland of adventure. I’m pro-animal rights/cruelty free beauty, I’m a vegetarian, I love the beach, star gazing, and making cupcakes. I graduated with my B.A. in English and worked PR for a non-profit for a little bit when it dawned on me that I am not the kind of person to sit behind a desk all day…I need a career that is also essentially an outlet for my creativity. Halfway through my formal college education I really got into makeup artistry and low-and-behold, picking up that hobby has transitioned into something much more rad. I have also been accepted into a prestigious beauty institute and begin classes this summer. I have has some nay-sayers question my decision to do this, saying it would be a waste of my college education. Um, when is education ever a waste. Sure, I have student loans, ugh, don’t we all hate that…but if you have a dream, a passion, it is your responsibility to follow it. I started with a lot of bridal work and have expanded to work with local photographers on various photo shoots, etc. I have worked with some amazing, talented people who have only reinforced my love for what I’m doing.

My dad passed away unexpectedly on New Years Day (1-1-2011) and my goal is to only make him proud. A lot of people lo0ok down on people who work in this industry and honestly, I don’t see the point on looking down on anyone, regardless of the station they hold in life. Live. Laugh. Love…that’s everyone’s favorite go-to motto, or what have you, so why don’t we all embrace that?! I might post some personal entries every now and then, but I want to simply share my opinions and advice on different products, techniques, tips, and trends. Others may have the same opinion, some may have their own way of doing things, and well, some people may not even care about this stuff and that’s ok too. Let’s just have fun with it! And of course I will entertain any ideas, suggestions for posts, or questions anyone reading may have. For business inquiries, I can be contacted at xoartistry@hotmail.com.



One thought on “Hellooo Gorgeous…

  1. Kira says:

    ” I have has some nay-sayers question my decision to do this, saying it would be a waste of my college education. Um, when is education ever a waste.”

    fantastic response!

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